Just call her Dos Belts Deonna. On Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Deonna Purrazzo beat Ring of Honor Women’s Champion Rok-C to add that title to her AAA Reina de Reinas championship. But, judging from the last image of the episode, Deonna’s championship reign may already be threatened. By a faction that has demonstrated that they have no honour.

As the show kicked off, an angry W. Morrissey entered the building searching for the Impact World Champion, Moose. When nobody backstage knew where he was, Morrissey came to the ring, and demanded that Moose come out. When Moose didn’t, Morrissey reminded everyone that he had Moose covered for a 10-count at Hard To Kill, and said it’s not surprising that Moose would duck him to keep the title. When Moose still didn’t come out, Morrissey said he wouldn’t stop until he got a title match.

Moose eventually did show up on the video screen. He said that he didn’t take Morrissey for a whiner. Moose said that Morrissey didn’t beat Moose. He said that he was going to grant someone a title match tonight, but Morrissey would have to go to the end of the line. Morrissey threatened Moose, saying that he wouldn’t even be able to make it to the ring to defend his title.

The fans were cheering for Morrissey during this promo, which was one of his best.

Impact Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore was waiting when Morrissey went to the back and told Morrissey him that he had better not interfere in the title match. As Morrissey was going to argue, D’Amore got distracted with news in his headset about something going on in the arena.

Cut to the arena and the ROH invaders – Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, and PCO, with Maria – were accosting D’Lo Brown and Tom Hannifan at the commentary desk. D’Lo tried to fight back, but they beat him up. They splayed him out on a table and PCO hit him with a Flying Somersault Splash from the apron, but the table didn’t break. So he hit another one from the top rope, and that put D’Lo down and out. A bunch of referees and security ran down and the ROH faction left. This was great.


Tom Hannifan was alone when the show came back from commercial, and he said that during the break, D’Lo was taken to the back to be checked out by the doctor.

They aired a video reel of the ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C, who faces Deonna Purrazzo tonight in a title-for-title match, with Deonna defending her AAA Reina de Reinas title.


Match 1: Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid

X-Division  Champion Trey Miguel joined Tom on commentary. This one started off lightning quick with action too quick to call. Laredo hit the first highlight move with a huge Springboard Dive to the floor, but soon thereafter Bey retaliated by running up the turnbuckles and hitting a Moonsault from the middle rope to the floor, landing on Laredo Kid to take us to a commercial.

Back from the break, and Bey was in control thanks to moves like a big Springboard Elbow to the back of Laredo’s head. But Laredo fought back, bouncing Bey off the top and sending him to the floor, where Laredo dropped him with a huge Flying Dive.


The action went back-and-forth, with them both hitting moves and trading pinfall attempts. In the end, Laredo caught Bey going up top, hit a big Enziguri, and then finished off Bey with a beautiful Spanish Fly.

This was really good. Trey seemed a bit uncomfortable on commentary in the beginning, but by the end, his personality had broken through and he and Hannifan had a good flow. It looks like they are setting up for a future match between him and Laredo Kid, which on paper is fantastic.

Winner: Laredo Kid

In the back, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards, Heath, and Rhino were angry about the ROH invaders’ actions at Hard To Kill and earlier tonight. Eddie suggested that they pair off (him with his Singapore cane) and search the building for the invaders, and they all took off to find them.

In a “How to Be a Professional” segment, Brian Myers told VSK and Zicky Dice that they had embarrassed him with their performances. Zicky said that he wouldn’t embarrass them if he becomes World Championship tonight – because he was Moose’s hand-picked challenger. Myers and VSK knew that Moose had picked him because he doesn’t pose a challenge, but Zicky was confident. Then a delivery guy dropped off a mammoth pizza for Dice which he said he ordered in order to carbo-load. Myers and VSK each took a slice and walked away.


Match 2: Jake Something vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton were at the commentary desk with Hannifan. They were both upset since they lost to Bailey and Something, respectively, at the PPV.

This was a good big man vs. little man contest, with Bailey sticking and moving early on, but he eventually got caught and dropped hard with a big Powerbomb onto the apron that slowed him down. He tried to come back, but Something flattened him with a big Thesz Press. But Bailey sidestepped a running charge and when Something tumbled to the floor, Bailey hit a Running Springboard Moonsault from the middle turnbuckle to the floor – almost déjà vu from Bey’s move in the first match.

Some more power vs. speed ensued, and after a while, speed won out when Bailey hit Something with a kick that looked it came right out of Liu Kang’s moveset on Mortal Kombat. That put Jake down on his knees in the corner. Which was the perfect location for Bailey to hit him with the Ultima Weapon – a 360 Somersault Knee to the back – which looked great.


This was a strong showcase for Bailey who really does have some great-looking flashy moves. It’s a bit strange they’d have Something lose this match after beating Fulton at the PPV, since that win should seemingly have put him on an upward trajectory. But of the two, having Bailey win was the right call.

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey

In the back, the Good Brothers and Violent By Design were blaming each other for them losing at the PPV. Eric Young said that this business arrangement had a lot of potential, reminding everyone how they dominated when Gallows and Doering were working together.

They heard someone calling out for help and ran over to check it out. Heath and Rhino were laying there, having been attacked by the ROH faction. Instead of banding together to help their fellow Impact roster members, the GB/VBD combo attacked and beat down an already hurting Rhino and Heath. Heels.

Gia Miller did a sit-down interview with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green, who were both unsuccessful at Hard To Kill. Gia asked if their losses changed anything for them. Cardona said that he would own the loss, and would simply have to create new opportunities for his own success in the future. Green said that he had to focus on how well he did and that some people felt he was the rightful winner of the match. Green said that she was disappointed by her loss at Ultimate X, because she actually did unclip the X, only to have it slip through her fingers and into the hands of Tasha Steelz who fell to the mat and won the match.

Steelz and Savannah Evans crashed the room and Steelz trash-talked Green. She insulted both Green and Cardona, leading to a challenge from Green to a match next week. Tasha declined, but Green shoved her to the floor and basically dared her.


Match 3: Masha Slamovich vs. Vert Vixen

Vert Vixen is a Texas-based wrestler, and in the time it took me to write that, she had already eaten a Pump Kick by Masha right at the bell. Masha then proceeded to beat the heck out of her, hitting some big power shots and mercifully ending the beating after a minute or so with a Snow Plow Driver.

Like last week’s squash match, this was a great way to position Masha as a dominant threat.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

As Masha made her way up the ramp, she passed by Josh Alexander who was on his way down to the ring, and they nodded at each other in a sign of mutual respect.

Josh Alexander promo / Charlie Haas debut

Alexander was irritated that he’s been told he has to keep his emotions in check or else he would not get his rematch against Moose for the World Championship. He said that he won’t forget the feeling of what Moose did to him in front of his wife and kid, and that he won’t forget the feeling of holding the championship. And that he feels like he is the real world champion and will be until Moose can beat him in the ring in a true one-on-one match. Alexander called himself the only true contender for the title. And if Moose thinks he’s going to face Zicky Dice tonight, he’s only going to do it if he goes through Josh. And if Impact Wrestling doesn’t give him that shot, then maybe he shouldn’t stay in Impact Wrestling.

Some music hit and Charlie Haas’ name came up on the video screen, and he made his way down the ramp, to a big ovation. Haas introduced himself to Josh and to the audience. Haas complimented Josh’s work ethic and his talent and said they are very similar in terms of both. He said he respected Josh as one of Impact’s best and he said he wanted a match against Alexander to show that he still has what it takes to be a success.

Josh said that he admired Haas, but he was looking to win the World Championship, and he wasn’t interested in a detour from that path, which Haas would be. Haas said that Josh had it wrong – that really Josh would be the obstacle in his way. And he sucker-punched Josh right on the chin.

Josh struck back and the two brawled in the ring until a bunch of security guys ran into the ring and separated them. THe crowd chanted “Let them fight.” As Haas headed back up the ramp, a fired up Alexander grabbed the mic and told Charlie he accepted the challenge.

Alexander’s promo may have been his best one since coming to Impact. The Haas stuff was icing on the cake, and the crowd really ate it up.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James entered a lounge where Rok-C was hanging out and they exchanged pleasantries. Mickie told Rok-C to be prepared for anything and everything in her match against Deonna, because Deonna will do anything and everything to win.


Match 4: Zicky Dice (w/ Brian Myers and VSK) vs. Moose (c) – for the Impact World Championship

Myers joined Tom at the commentary desk for this one.

Moose wore his suit to this one, which was indicative of how seriously he was taking Zicky, who even Myers was writing off as being a joke opponent. Dice did a poor impression of the Roman Reigns roar and hit a pathetic Superman punch. Moose shrugged it off and planted him with a Uranage then put a foot on Dice’s chest for the pin.

After the match, W. Morrissey stormed his way to the ring and he and Moose started brawling. Zicky stumbled his way between them and ate a Big Boot by Morrissey. Moose used the distraction to make his retreat. Morrissey saw that Moose had left his title in the ring, so Morrissey picked it  up and posed with it. But then he turned his attention to VSK who was checking on Zicky. As Morrissey destroyed VSK, Moose – who was limping, so maybe took a bad spill out of the ring? – came back and grabbed his title and headed to the back. Morrissey followed him up the ramp and into the backstage area. But by the time he got there, Moose was already in his car and sped away.

This was pretty much just an angle to continue from the first segment of the show, and was fine from that standpoint.

Winner, and still World Champion: Moose

Scott D’Amore joined Tom Hannifan at the commentary desk. He said that there was no update yet on D’Lo’s condition. He then updated on the talks he’d had with Ring of Honor management. He confirmed that while some ROH roster members were authorized to be there – i.e. the champions Jonathan Gresham and Rok-C – the other faction that has been invading Impact have gone rogue and are not there with the blessing of ROH management.

Raj Singh came to the ring. He said that he was there proudly representing the Punjabi people, and he was tired of being disrespected. He asked D’Amore to send out an opponent for him. Unfortunately for him, someone did come out to face him: Jonah.

Match 5: Jonah vs. Raj Singh

Raj got in some shots early on, but they had little effect. After a short exchange, Jonah heaved Singh across the ring, then hit a huge Senton Splash, and ended that with a Tsunami (Superfly Splash) for the easy win.


After Jonah lost at Hard To Kill, this was exactly the right kind of win he needed to get back any loss of momentum. Poor Raj.

Winner: Jonah

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb) were in the back. They made fun of the Iinspiration for being “on vacation” (really, their absence is COVID-related) and said that they should take their time away to prepare for their match in two weeks.

Decay interrupted them and said that since the Influence had no plans for next week, they should have a match. They were interrupted by cries for help. When they went into the next room, Eddie Edwards was lying there in pain, having been attacked by the ROH invaders.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham. He denied having any knowledge of what the other ROH faction was doing, and said he did not support nor endorse their actions. He said that he believes in the Code of Honor and will defend it at all costs. He said that before ROH pressed pause, there was an intra-promotional war between wrestlers who adhered to the Code of Honor and those that didn’t.

Steve Maclin overheard this and crashed the interview. He said he didn’t believe Gresham had nothing to do with the other guys. And if he didn’t, then turning his back on them was still a dishonourable act. Gresham was angry that Maclin questioned his honour and challenged him to a match next week  – and he would put his title on the line.

Ian Riccaboni joined Tom Hannifan at the commentary desk before the main event. Ian apologized for the actions of the invaders, saying that he has no idea what their motivations are. Matthew Rehwoldt also joined them after he accompanied Deonna to the ring.


Match 6: AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo (w/ Matthew Rehwoldt) vs. ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C – Title vs. Title match

In a sloppy edit, they overdubbed something Tom Hannifan said during the introductions, so that something he said on camera was replaced with him plugging Mickie James participating in WWE’s Royal Rumble as the Impact Knockouts Champion. Any lip-readers out there, if you can tell me what he originally said, please e-mail me with that info.

They had a short feeling-out process before the show went to a quick commercial break. When we returned, Rok-C had Deonna flying all over with a series of Armbars and then hit a nice double knee to the gut. But when Rok-C went for a top rope move, Deonna shoved her off the top and sent her tumbling to the floor.

Back in the ring, Deonna started working over Rok-C’s arm as is her usual tactic, to weaken it and set up for her Fujiwara Armbar or Venus De Milo submission holds. At one point, she charged Rok-C in the corner, but Rok-C moved and Deonna hit hard, giving Rok-C some breathing room.

Rok-Ch hit a couple of flashy moves to down Purrazzo, but when she went for her own submission, the Rok Lock, her shoulder was in too much in pain, and she had to release the hold. Which gave Purrazzo the chance to go back on the attack, and she immediately targeted Rok-C’s arm again.

But Rok-C still had the quickness edge, and she surprised Purrazzo with a Code Rock for a close count. She went for another, but Purrazzo escaped it and took Rok-C down and locked on the Armbar. Rok-C reversed it and put on the Rok Lock. But Purrazzo got to the ropes and kicked off, and when they rolled over, she was able to lock on the Armbar again.

Rok-C looked like she was going to pass out from the pain, but grabbed the referee’s leg just as it looked like he was going to call for the bell. But that left her second arm exposed, and Purrazzo took advantage, grabbing the arm and pulling it back into the Venus De Milo. Completely trapped, Rok-C had no choice but to submit, and Deonna Purrazzo is once again a holder of two titles.


This was a very good match with a good story told throughout. Purrazzo’s win really drives home how bad the decision was to have her lose the Knockouts Championship – it would have even more fitting for her to hold all three titles, as she really is making a claim to being the best woman in wrestling today.

Winner, and new ROH Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

After the match, Maria slid into the ring and had a face-off with Deonna. She was soon followed by the rest of the ROH invaders who surrounded Deonna. Rehwoldt ran in to protect her and was promptly beaten down by all of them.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann ran down, but they were outnumbered and they got beat down as well. The show ended with the ROH invaders standing tall in the ring.



Impact Wrestling - January 13th, 2022

The Factory - Dallas, TX

This show continued Impact’s strong 2022 start. The main event was very strong, with Rok-C and Deonna telling a great story. The pushing of Masha and Jonah is effectively showcasing them as major stars in the company. The build between Moose and Morrissey has the potential to be a strong big man feud. And the ROH story, while early, is running on all cylinders… though, hopefully they’ve learned their lesson from the Kenny Omega experiment and don’t have the invaders run roughshod all over the roster and leave without getting any comeuppance. For now, though, it’s being done just right.