. Without further ado, lets get to it.

The show started with the Righteous making their entrance. Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were the commentary team for the night.

Hours One (Pre-show)

Match 1: ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Moses, Kaun, and O’Shay Edwards (w/Ron Hunt) vs. “The Righteous” Vincent, Bateman, and Dutch (w/Vita VonStarr)

It was noted that Shane Taylor usually teams with Moses and Kaun as opposed to Edwards. This match contained six big guys who each wanted to make a great last impression before going on hiatus with ROH. Dutch, who is a huge human performed a dive from the ring onto the wrestlers on the outside. Dutch then powerbombed Kaun then Vincent hit him with a Redrum for a close pin attempt. SOS did a double team move on Bateman and then Edwards off the top rope for another close pin attempt.

Dutch did a blackhole slam on Moses Edwards with a beautiful looking spinebuster on Dutch. Vincent was the last man standing after a series of big slams from the 5 other men. He then did a Orange Sunshine (SLiced Bread) on Edwards and pinned him for the win!

Winner: “The Righteous” Vincent, Bateman, and Dutch  (~10:00) to WIN the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship

after the match all six men adhered to the code on honor.

A video package aired with Jonathan Gresham recalling the day he got the call about the ROH hiatus.

Quinn McKay is now set to interview Jay Lethal. Lethal said that there’s something bigger at stake than winning or losing. Lethal said that the winner of his match with Gresham could determine the new ROH champion and that it’s his…

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Maria Kanellis talked about the ROH championship as they showed off the original ROH Title. In the ring, Bobby Cruise announced that the match between Lethal and Gresham will in fact be for the original ROH World Championship.

Quinn McKay is now with Rocky Romero. Romero said that he was representing New Japan Pro Wrestling. Romero said that he will be on commentary for part of the night. Brody King, Homicide, and Tony Deppen then come into the scene. King said that Romero has done too much for ROH for him just to be on commentary. King then said he has a proposition for him and wanted Romero to show he still has some violence in him. Romero is surely interested as he said “Let the bpdies hit the floor”.

Maria Kanellis joins the commentary team for this next match. Ian Riccaboni thanked a slew of people including NWA, GCW, Jim Cornette, Adam Pearce, Dave Prazak, Lenny Leonard and many more. Kanellis thanks Bobby Cruise for working with her in putting the new women’s division together.

Match 2: Chelsea Green, Allysin Kay, and Marti Belle vs. Miranda Alize, Angelina Love, and Mandy Leon

The heels trio did not want to partake in the code of honor as the match got started. Green with a dive from the top rope onto all five other women on the outside. Belle teased a dive but Love hit her from the outside of the ring. Leon with her pump-handle slam on Belle for the pin and the win.

Winner: Miranda Alize, Angelina Love, and Mandy Leon (6:50)

After the match, the six women had a group hug as Kay looked disgusted taking part in such a thing.

A Video package aired featuring the Briscoes. They talk about exciting uncertainty.

EC3 was ready for a promo as he was interrupted by Eli Isom, Tracy Williams, and Taylor Rust. Isom said that they were now down a man and wanted EC3 to join them. EC3 accepts and said ‘you’ve been warned…”

Danhausen joins the commentary team as we prepare for the ten-man wildcard tag team match.

Match 3: Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas, World Famous CB, Flip Gordon, and PJ Black vs. LSG, Demonic Flamita, Will Ferrara, Sledge, and Max the Impaler (w/Amy Rose) in a ten-man wildcard tag team match

Ferrara was greeted by Cary Silkin at ringside. CB, in his old Cheeseburger gear and Ferrara started the match. While the action was getting started Riccaboni thanks Delirious (booker Hunter Johnston). Gordon in his amnesia role played his original flip babyface character. Falmitta and Gordon are in the ring and right before they got into quick amazing action, Flammita flipped off flip. Milonas pulled Max onto the outside of the ring and ran him into the baricads. Gordon with a dive onto a group of wrestlers on the outside. Sledge went to the top rope and did a moonsault on a group of wrestlers on the outside. CB was about to dive but Max grebbed him by the throat. Max blocked some punches from CB and then suplexed him from the apron onto a group of wrestlers on the outside.

Flamita ran the ropes and teased a dive to the group of wrestlers on the outside but stopped half way after running the ropes and flipped off the crowd. Bruiser kicked Flamita but Flamita went up top and did a spinning dive onto the wrestlers outside of the ring. Gordon put LSG on his shoulders then Black did a destroyer from the top rope on LSG for the win.

Winner: Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas, World Famous CB, Flip Gordon, and PJ Black  (10:20)

Riccaboni and Coleman give the freebies one final push to purchase the PPV. They said that the fans may be disenchanted about the future but their hearts is firmly on the show.

ROH Final Battle Main Card

Match 4: Dragon Lee vs Rey Horus

Both wrestlers adhered to the code of honor to start the match. Horus slid uner the ropes to the outside but Lee with a quick suicide dive onto him. Horus was thrown over the barricade but was eventually pushed onto the ring post before falling to the floor.

After  near fall, Horus went to the top rope but slipped a bit. Horus was able to recover and performed a splash but Lee was able to lift his knees as Horus crashed onto them. Lee with a beautiful falcon Arrow to Horus in the middle of the ring. Lee was now firmly in control of the match as he lowered his kneepad and hit a Incinerator knee strike to Horus. Lee is still in control as he did a ripcord knee then another knee strike to the back of Horus’ head. Lee went for the pin and it was a win!

Winner: Dragon Lee (11:20)

Riccaboni said that the following video is courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Eddie Edwards sent in a video from home. He thanks ROH and the ROH fans for giving him the chance when no one else would.

Match 5: ROH TV Title: Dalton Castle (c) (w/Dak Draper, Boys) vs. Joe Hendry vs. Rhett Titus vs. Silas Young in a four corner survival match 

Dak Draper joined the commentary team for the this match. All wrestlers adhered to the code of honor. Of note, this was Joe Hendry’s first match since March 2020 due to the pandemic and living overseas. Hendry was the bruiser of the match. He slammed both Castle and Titus at the same time. Castle and Hendry were thinking about forming an alliance during this match but this didnt last long as Heels are going to heel. Henry powerbombed Titus, went for the pin but it was broken up by Castle. The ref took a bump and then Castle got the Ban-a-rang on Young. Young was smart as he rolled out of the ring right after Castle’s move. Hendry then went to the outside of the ring, grabbed the TV title and hit Castle with it. Draper left the commentary booth, ran to the ring and took out Hendry in retaliation for his shot on Castle. Young rolled up Titus for a VERY NEAR FALL! Young went for hsi PeGee Waja Plunge but Titus got our of the way. Titus dropkicked Young and got the three count for the WIN and Championship.

Winner: Rhett Titus to Win the ROH TV Title (8:15)

The next special video aired. This time it was with AEW World Champion, “Hangman” Adam Page. He thanked everyone and the fans of ROH.

Match 6: ROH Pure Championship: Josh Woods (c) vs Brian Johnson

In Typical Brian Johnson manner, he cut a promo as he came out to the ring. Johnson’s promo was your typical heel promo. Brian Zane joined the commentary team for this match.

As the match started, Johnson used his first rope break in the first 30 seconds. Seconds later, Woods applied a sleeper hold on Johnson as he was forced to use his second rope break. Johnson is now trying anything he can as he knew he only had one rope break left. Johnson climbed to the top tope, Woods met him at the top and performed a superplex off the top rope into the middle of the ring. Woods then speared Johnson and did back to back suplexes. Woods put Jonson in a bearhug but Johnson clappped Woods’ ears to break up the hold.

Both men are tied up and trying a suplex on each other but they both slipped out of the ring. As both men got up they exchanged forearms punches to one another. They avoided the count out as they both went back into the ring. Johnson then threw a punch at Woods’ and tried to do The Process finisher and connected. This led to a two count. Johnson is now resorting to his heel tactics as he went to the outside of the ring, walked to the timekeepers table, flipped someone off, and came back into the ring with the belt in hand. Referee Todd Sinclair intervened and took the belt off Johnson. As Sinclair was dealing with the belt, Johnson removed a turnbuckle. All of this gave Woods time to recuperate and he suplex Johnson for a near fall. Referee Sinclair noticed there was a turnbuckle cover missing and he went to deal with it. As this happened, Johnson was still resorting to heel tactics as he grabbed brass knuckles and punched Woods. This results in a near fall.

Johnson was now in firm control of the match as he placed Woods seated on the top rope. Woods was able to avoid a suplex and put a front sleeper on Johnson which was legal since Johnson was out of rope breaks. This forced Johnson to give up.

Winner: AND STILL ROH Pure Champion, Josh Woods (12:58)

After the match Woods reached down to a defeated Johnson to shake his hand. He then walked to Cary Sulkin and hugged him.

The next video package aired. This time it was former ROH performer Jimmy Jacobs. He said that the ROH crew and wrestlers were just a bunch of people who wanted to change the wrestling business. He told  a story about staying up all night with Colt Cabana and other wrestlers talking about how they would in fact change the business. He said those people who were up all night are now in fact changing the business. He said that he’s the princess and always gets what he wants.

We got a promo video telling us the story for the next match.

Match 7: Fight without Honor: Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King 

SOS was with Taylor as he came out to the ring. As the match started, Riccaboni mentioned that the wrestlers of ROH are fighting for their families as there are only limited spots in other promotions. Early in the match Taylor set up a few tables at ringside. Back in the ring, King gave Taylor an enzuigiri. Taylor then resorted to forearm punches on King. King came back from the punches and did a blockbuster from the ropes that sent them through the tables which were set up on the floor.

After both men recovered, Taylor threw king on a trashcan with a uranage slam. Taylor is now looking to take control of the match as he grabbed kendo sticks and attacked King with it. Taylor then punched King with a super stiff punch as King was laid out on some tables that were set up. Taylor then went to the ring apron and splashed King through the tables. King was now desperate to get back into the match so he hit a death valley driver to Taylor through a table that was at the corner of the ring. King went for the cover but it was only good for a near fall. Taylor set up a ladder flat on top of two ladders that were already in the ring. This took too long to set up as Taylor got up, grabbed a kendo stick and hit King with it. King then climbed the ladder, leapt off and dove onto Taylor. This also led to a near fall. More ladders were being set up in the ring by both men. King even set up a ladder flat between the ring and barricade. Both Taylor and King climbed the ladder and went back and forth trading punches. Taylor then hit King with a nasty headbutt then hit a Marcus Garvey Driver onto the very ladder they were standing on. Taylor threw King back into the ring and went for a pin for a very close two count.

Taylor is in full control of the match as he grabbed a chair. King is furiously yelling at Taylor saying “What are you waiting for?”. Taylor delivered a furious chair shot to King’s head. Taylor then gets a second Marcus Garvey Driver onto the chair. This time he knew he had the match in a bag as he went for the pin. This time it was indeed a three count for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor(18:00)

After the match, the rest of Shane Taylor Promotions came out to celebrate the win. In a great moment in ROH, when King got up both he and Taylor hugged.

The next special guest video package aired. CM Punk said he was part of ROH’s history and the company he left is different from the ROH of today. Punk said that people shouldn’t be sad about what is about to happen with ROH but the fact it all happened. Punk said that the wrestling business would be different if it weren’t for ROH and that many top stars of the wrestling worlds got their starts at ROH and he looks back at ROH with pride.

A video package aired to set up the next match which will be for the ROH Women’s championship. Quinn McKay joined the commentary team for the next match.

Match 8: ROH Womens Championship: Rok-C (c) vs. Willow

Both women adhered to the code of honor. Super early in the match, Rok-C did a cartwheel but Willow knocker he over and said she knew Rok-C’s game plan. Rok-C then went for a moonsault into double knees but Willow once again blocked this as she firmly knew her game plan. Willow splashed Rok-C in the corner as she is now intelligently using her weight. Willow followed up the splash with a cannonball.

Rok-C was in a hard spot but she was able to get back into the match after doing a double knees to Willow. Willow then once again used her weight advantage as she shoulder blocked Rok-C which she bounced quite a bit after. No matter what Rok-C attempted, Willow found a way to block, counter, or reverse it. Willow suplexed Rok-C and hit a big splash for a close pin attempt. Rok-C was then rocked with a superkick from Willow which resulted in another close pin attempt. Willow went for another superkick but this time it was blocked and Rok-C started hitting WIllow with everything she had. Rok-C hit a Code Red for the WIN!

Winner: AND STILL ROH Women’s Champion, Rok-C (9:50)

After the match it was announced that Rok-C still has two title defenses on ROH TV over the next two weeks. Rok-C and Willow hugged it out. As they were hugging some familiar music hit but this music was from Impact Wrestling.

Deonna Purrazo walks to the ring with the Triple A Women’s title, Reina de Reins Campeonato. The fans were going nuts even chanting “Holy S#it”.  Purazzo gets a mic and said that she heard that Rok-C claimed she was a fighting champion, a champion that will fight anyone, anywhere. Purazzo said that once she beats Mickie James to get her Knockouts title back she wants to face Rok-C in a winner takes all match. Rok-C and Purazzo shake hands as the crowd and commentators were going nuts.

The next special video aired. Adam Cole said that he became the wrestler he is today because of his time at ROH. He said that he doesn’t have the time to thank everyone so he just said “Thank you”

Match 9: VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Homicide, Tony Deppen, and Rocky Romero (w/Chris Dickinson)) vs. EC3, Tracy Williams, Eli Isom, and Taylor Rust

Dickinson was out in crutches as he is recovering from a dislocated hip. As the match started we got your typical every man has his dive spot. King dove onto the entire group of wrestlers. In the ring, King did a piledriver on EC3. Homicide went for the pin but it was interrupted.

There were chairs set up on the floor outside of the ring and Rust tossed Romero onto them. While this was happening, Homicide used a fork on the armpit and jaw of EC3. Rust was able to get Homicide with a cutter. Romero then hit a Sliced Bread on Rust. Williams leans back on the ropes and does a lariat on Romero. With Romero on dream street, Rust put Romero in a Cattle Mutilation. This was broken up when Deppen jumped off the top rope and hit a double foot stomp onto Rust. Isom and Homicide are now the legal men in the ring as they go back and forth with punches. Homicide then hit a cop killer on Isom but this was only for a near fall. Isom is now completely out of it and Homicide is struggling to get him up. As Homicide was getting ready for the next move, Isom superkicked him. King was then tagged back into the match. Isom and King trade punches back and forth. Isom slapped King who then hits Isom with a Lariat and a Gonzo Bomb. King went for the pin and won the match for his team.

Winner: VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Homicide, Tony Deppen, and Rocky Romero) (14:45)

EC3 is was now on the mic. EC3 said they all honor the past and “We stand together in a ring of honor”. EC3 then spoke about old money and new money, and everything in between. He said everything they stand for a lie. He said its the wrestlers who sacrifice everything. He asked where the leaders were. Dak Draper and Brian Johnson are out now. EC3 said its a call to arms for anyone who wants to take back their business. EC3 then said that they need to “Control the narrative”. Two men then came down (one was Wesley Blake and I can’t make the other). EC3 then yelled to Release the Titan….

Out comes Titan (Adam Scherr FKA Braun Stroman). They then cleared the ring.

The next special video aired. The Young Bucks spoke of their time at ROH and wanted to thank everyone involved.

Match 10: ROH Tag-Team Championship: “The OGK” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe

This match was a very typical tag team match that just worked. Early in the match, Taven put Jay down with The Climax but all of the competitors were down after brawling for a good amount of time. After the men were back up, Jay delivered a suicide dive onto Bennett on the outside of the ring. Mark then kicked Taven and did a blockbuster from the ring apron onto Bennett. Mark hit Taven with a DVD then went for and connected with a Foggy Bow. As Mark went for the pin Maria grabbed Sinclair’s legs. Maria then climbed to the ring apron as Mark and her were yelling back and forth with each other. Bennet set up for a spear but Mark moved out of the way and speared Maria.

Bennett put Mark on his shoulders on the outside of the ring. Taven then rn the ropes and jumped over the ropes to do a Doomsday device onto the floor on the outside of the ring. Taven rolled mark back into the ring but was only able to get a two count. Taven and Bennett did a Proton Pack on Mark and once again there was a close pin attempt.

After some great tag team action, Jay put Taven up then Mark hit him with a Doomssday Device of their own. The Briscoes went for a pina ttempt but it was a close two count again. Jay kicked Taven and then gave him a Jay Driver. Marl went up to the top rope and did a Froggy Bow for the HUGE WIN.

Winner: AND NEW ROH Tag Tem Champions Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe (15:40)

The fans celebrated by throwing streamers into the ring. The Briscoes hugged OGK. A “Briscoes’ chant started as Jay grabbed a mic. Jay said that it might be the end of an era but its not the end of The Briscoes. He then said that if there is any team out there who wants a piece of them, they were waiting for them. The lights go out….

When the lights come back up, FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) are in the ring with the Briscoes!!!!!!!!! A huge fight erupts between the two teams. Security was out and they tried to pull them apart. The crowd started a “Let them Fight” chant. The Briscoes are outside trying to get in and FTR are in the ring trying to get out. They were able to brawl again but were pulled apart again. FTR are now in the ring and taunting fans while the Briscoes are on the outside with their newly won titles.

The next video package aired. Bryan Danielson said that he was personallya t the first ROH show and he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for ROH. He recalled that it was at Final Battle where he lost to Homicide and had his retina detached. Danielson ended the video by saying that he hopes ROG sticks around and its something great. He lastly said Thank you.

A Video package showed the past ROH World Champions. Jay Lethal is out first. As he headed to the ring he hugged Cary Silkin. Jonathan Gresham is now out and he was joined by the rest of The Foundation on the stage. Ian Riccaboni thanked Scott D’Amore from Impact, TOny Khan from AEW, and Billy Corgan from NWA for the special videos.


Match 10: The Original ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham 

Both men shake hands. Both men battle to an early stalemate to get the match started. Both men locked hands and Lethal got a few 2 counts with knuckle locks. Gresham countered with a dropkick of his own. Lethal then started to slap and kick Gresham which sent him to the outside. Lethal now with a beauty tope suicida. He picked up Gresham and threw him back into the ring. Lethal witha  powerslam but Gresham with a sneaky small package only for a two count.

Lethal landed an inverted flapjack onto Gresham but wasn’t able to land the Lethal Injection. Lethal is now signaling for a figure four but Gresham once again sneaks in a few pin attempts. Gresham was now back to his feet and began to work the left arm of Lethal. A chop war started which Lethal got the upperhand on. Lethal now with another powerslam and he makes his way to the top rope but Gresham rolls to the corner. With both men up and looking to secure the control in the match Lethal was able to get Gresham on a torture rack and rolls through. Lethal now went back to the top rope and landed an elbow. Lethal went for another Lethal Injection but the left arm previously worked on by Gresham failed him. This gave Gresham the opening he needed. Gresham landed a Moonsault and put Lethal in a crossface chicken-wing. Lethal is in pain but manages to counter the hold with a cutter. Both men are giving it their all and they are both sprawled out in the ring.

The ROH locker room is out and around the ring as they wanted to cheer both men on. Lethal and Gresham are both slow to get back up but once they are, they are surrounded by the locker room. Gresham hit Lethal with some forearms but Lethal got the upper hand. Lethal now finally connected with the Lethal Injection but was only able to get a two count. Gresham now locked in an Octopus and began to rain down elbows onto Lethal. Lethal has no choice but to give up which gives Gresham the original ROH Title.

Winner: AND NEW ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham (15:35)

After the match everyone is celebrating with Gresham as Silkin hands the original ROH Title to Gresham. The show closed with a graphic that read “Where one Era Ends, another begins” and April 2022 appeared….

Final Thoughts:

This was a very fitting show to end an era. I was thoroughly entertained from the beginning of the pre-show until the final tap out by Lethal. While this show set up future angles, one can only wonder in what promotion these angles take place in? We also have a built in double ROH Champion angle that can lead to the return show in April 2022. What this new era of ROH will look like is anyone’s guess right now. This show was a great way to say thank you to everyone who watched and I personally hope nothing but the beat for this promotion and those who worked so hard to keep it what it was. On a personal note, I want to thank Greg Oliver and John Powell for giving me the opportunity to be the ROH guy at slamwrestling.net. I also want to thank Bob Kapur for asking me to join on over the Summer. Lastly, I can’t help but thank to anyone who read any of my reports. I will still be covering ROH until their final show over the Christmas weekend. Thank you ROH, Thank you Wrestling, Thank you Wrestling fans! Until next time!