Is it getting hot in this wrestling studio, or did I just step Into The Fire?

That must mean it’s time for throw it live from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Your commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call.

We waste no time as we head to The Podium, where Kyle Stevens is with Trevor Murdoch. The former National champ makes his intentions clear:  he wants another shot at Chris Adonis, and his title that he took from him. Murdoch.  He’s also upset that Adonis, who he invited to come to the NWA, stabbed him in the back like he did. So he makes it plain to Adonis:  Anytime, anywhere, any match.

That brings out The National Treasure, Nick Aldis, and he wants to clear up that he welcomes everyone that wants to come to the NWA, not Murdoch. Aldis doesn’t mince words, as he states that the reason Murdoch lost the title is he let his emotions get the better of him, and didn’t think things through. 

Aldis is “gracious”’ and offers Murdoch to take the night off, so that he can main event. Aldis adds insult to injury by saying his loss proves that Trevor learned a lesson, and he isn’t championship material. So stay out, he warns, and maybe something might happen down the road.  Murdoch asks if that’s for a title challenge, but no one backs the champ in the corner.  Aldis says to stay out, and see what happens.  Murdoch just walks away.

We get ads from Austin Idol offering anyone to come learn to be a wrestler at  Between this and lawyer ads, I’ll take the lawyer ads

May Valentine is backstage and joined by Slice Boogie. Slice calls out Jax Dane to a match.  He’s taken out bouncers bigger than Dane, and the King of the Concrete Jungle tells him to step up.  I would love to see that match take place sooner, rather than later.

As for matches that are worth seeing to believe, let’s go to your First Match…

NWA World Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens & Kratos vs. Sal & ?????

As Stevens makes the announcement, Rinauro says his partner is “on the way.”  So stevens goes along and says Rinauro’s ptag partner is “To Be Determined.”  I wonder if that means “To Be Determined” hails From Parts Unknown?

(Thank you, Ladies and Germs!  I’m here all week!  Tip your wait staff!)

In any case, it’s Stevens and Rinauro to start, and Stevens dominates the early part of the match, but Rinauro keeps up move for move.  Stevens tags in Kratos, and puts the hurt on “Prince Pigtail”.  While the audience in attendance chants “Let’s Go, Sal!” Kratos just dominates with cold calculation.  Big move by Kratos is a gutwrench suplex with authority to Rinauro, and Stevens looks on uneasily.  Now, Danny Deals (who’s more of a manager) comes in to the ring (I guess as Rinauro’s partner.  Kinda hard to say, but kinda sad, too), but Kratos ain’t having none of that, and just stomps away at Deals, sending him crashing to The Podium and then to the commentary table.

Back in the ring, Kratos continues to add injury to insult Rinauro, and even Stevens is yelling at Kratos he’s had enough.  Storm comments how he can’t bear to see this and just cannot stand to see bullies like Kratos.  Finally, Storm leaves the table and goes up to the ring.  Kratos gets in his grill, but Storm punches Kratos in the mush.  Dazed, Rinauro Sal rolls up Kratos for the pin, and the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Sal Rinauro and….Tim Storm, apparently

As Storm gets in the ring to raise Rinauro’s hand in victory, Stevens and Kratos are arguing after the match is over.  This doesn’t look good for the future of the tag champs.

Back to the Podium with Da Pope and Tyrus with his manager, Austin Idol. Pope has respect for Tyrus, but wants to know his deal is with the TV Champ. Tyrus palms Steven’s bald head like a basketball, making him more uncomfortable than he needs to be.  The visual is worth a thousand words.

Tyrus says he is a star in and out of the ring, and he gives props to Da Pope for how he’s elevated his game. Tyrus lays it out that he only wants to take the TV Title for management.  It’s nothing personal. Well, Pope gets fired up, and says Tyrus needs to earn his spot, just like everyone else.  Tyrus just says what happens next is on his head.  And with that, it’s time for the…

NWA TV Title Qualifying match:  “MDogg” Matt Cross vs. “All Day” Marshe Rockett vs. “The Great American Smash” Tyrus

Bell rings, and Cross and Rocket smartly team up on Tyrus, but Tyrus Smashes through.  Tyrus looms large (literally) over Cross and basketball palms Cross’s head in the corner, yelling “You did this, Pope!” Cross fires up out of the hold, but Rockett takes advantage of the situation, and knocks Cross out, and then Tyrus.  Tyrus powders out of the ring, and Idol holds his client back, while in the ring it’s “All Day” and “MDogg” showing that work rate indie fans love so much.  Cross manages take control of “All Day”, and has him laying on the mat.  Cross goes up top, Cross with a beautiful shooting star press and a pinning situation….then Tyrus Smashes Cross and sends him out of the ring as he covers Rockett, and steals the pin.

Your Winner via “Pinfall”:  Tyrus

We head back to May Valentine, who’s now with Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis. Valentine asks about Murdoch’s challenge, and Adonis dismisses it. However, he and Latimer promise if Murdoch does get in their business, they’ll make it their business to put the hurt on Murdoch worse than before.  Ominous tones, there.

No time to think about what could potentially happen, because we’ve got…

Kamille vs. Jennacide

Both women are two Amazonian powerhouses, and Jennacide matches with Kamille in terms of height and power.  Kamille goes for the Test of Strength, and Jennacide really takes is to the Brickhouse, but a knee by Kamille ends that.  However, Jennacide follows up with a bodyslam, and Kamille is pissed off.  Kamille grabs Jennacide’s head, and proceeds to ram it into the top turnbuckles of each corner, but Jennacide shakes it off and sends Kamille to the corner and has the Brickhouse eat a big boot to corner.  Whatever move Kamille does, Jennacide has an answer, and the story here is that Kamille has never had to contend with such power and skill until now.

Big move of the night has Jennacide give Kamille what I can describe as a ripcord neckbreaker.  Jennacide for the pin, but gets a two count.  Now Kamille fires back up and drives Jennacide to the corner with shoulder tackles.  Kamille gets Jennacide up top the turnbuckle for a superplex, but gets knocked down.  Kamille then gets Jennacide for a fireman’s carry slam, and hits a spear for one, two…kick out by Jennacide.  Now Kamille is stunned by this, and goes the second spear, and that’s enough for the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kamille

After the match, Melina comes out from the curtain, takes off her heels and steps in the ring, delivering the bad mouth to Kamille.  As she goes and checks on Jennacide, Kamille rears back to the opposite corner, and as Melina turns she gets speared in half, and is left in a heap. Now Thunder Rosa comes out, and talks smack to Kamille.  Looks like there is more developing in the women’s division.

With six minutes left into the show, we’ll get to the Main Event of the evening…

Exhibition Match:  “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis (c) vs. Jordan Clearwater

Before we get into the match, Murdoch comes from behind the curtain, as Latimer and Adonis get to Strictly Business, if you will.  As for the match, the ref calls it a…

No Contest

While Murdoch puts up a losing fight, Aldis looks on and shakes his head at the pitiful lump that is Murdoch, while Adonis and Latimer stand tall in the ring admiring their handiwork.  We fade to black as we see what happens when you get in the middle of Strictly Business.


Final Thought:

From seeing the deteriorating chemistry between Aron Stevens and Kratos, to Murdoch getting the wrong end of Strictly Business, to the women’s division heating up, and more intrigue in the TV Title with Da Pope/Tyrus had a little something for everyone.

Maybe not enough steak, but a lot of sizzle going forward.

Even though Tuesdays are getting a little crowded nowadays, I’d say subscribe to the NWA Powerrr on, and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised…at the quality of the matches/angles.

Until then, see you in seven, and subscribe soon!