The calendar turns to October and that means two things for WWE, the draft and Hell in a Cell. The only match on the card for RAW is Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton, meaning the rest of the roster is fair game come draft Friday. What does that mean for tonight’s show? Who really knows. Randy Orton is already in the Halloween spirit, though, dressing as a janitor to take out WWE legends at the end of last week’s show. Let’s head into the ThunderDome for the fallout of that attack.

We join Randy Orton in the back as he tells us about his match at Clash of Champions. He then fills us in on the details of last week’s attack on the Legends. We didn’t see it, you know, since he turned out the lights. He wanted them to feel the same pain he had the night before. Orton addresses Drew McIntyre directly challenging him to one more match, inside Hell in a Cell.

Drew kicks the door open and the two men fight. The champ pins Orton against the wall and beats on him until WWE officials can seperate them. Orton finds an opportunity and escapes out the door.

Zelina Vega, Natalya and Lana vs. Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Asuka

How funny will it be if Mandy gets drafted back to Smackdown on Friday? Mandy and Dana double team Natalya with suplex, showcasing their tag team chops. Asuka wants a tag, but Vega runs around the ring and yanks her to the floor. Vega then makes a blind tag to get her a piece of Rose; she also nails Asuka with a cheap shot. Asuka and Lana tag in; a hip attack knocks Vega off the apron. Asuka with a low drop kick to Lana. Rose makes a blind tag. Lana dodges a hip attack, but Rose nails her with a jumping knee strike. She covers Lana to get the win.

Winners via pinfall: Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Asuka

After the match, the women’s tag champs, walk out. Vega takes off, but Natalya and Lana are too slow. Nia Jax sets up Nattie for a Samoan drop. Lana makes the save, but puts herself in the line of fire. Jax picks her up, dropping her through the announce table for a third time in the last four weeks.

Like clockwork, Nia Jax slams Lana through the announce table. Photo courtesy of

R Truth is working on his mock draft. Surprisingly, he has Lil’ Jimmy going to Smackdown with the third pick. That’s a little high, Jimmy has a fifth round grade at best. Truth notices a ref and a shady looking custodian. He assumes it is Randy Orton, but it’s Drew Gulak, who rolls him up to make a pin ad win the 24/7 championship.

Winner…and new 24/7 Champion…via pinfall: Drew Gulak

MVP approaches Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Apollo Crews backstage. MVP has an opening in the Hurt Business for one night only and they are on the clock. Ricochet looks to be interested.

The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, makes his way to the ring with his disciple, Murphy in tow. Rollins dresses down Murphy for not handing him the microphone, but Murphy has something to say. He has down everything asked of him, but the last few weeks have been hard. He needs an apology from Seth. He wants Rollins to apologize to Aalyah.

Seth flies off the handle; putting Murphy in his place. He went easy on her; Seth has even more dirt on her.

Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo

Humberto and Dominik sprint to the ring and attack before the bell. The knock Murphy and Seth to the floor and then wipe them out with a splash from the top turnbuckle and a suicide dive.

We come back from the break with Rollins in complete control of Dominik. Seth pounds him into the corner. Murphy tags himself in to get his shots. Rollins tags himself back in, lecturing Murphy on not to do anything unless he says. Rollins with an abdominal stretch on Dom, who breaks free, knocking Seth back into his corner. Murphy tags in, again, as Rollins hits a sling blade. Rollins yells at Murphy, while Carrillo tags in and takes them both out with a splash from the top. He connects with a flying back elbow to Murphy and kicks Seth out of the ring. Humberto connects with a missile drop kick, but Murphy kicks out. Rollins’ creates a diversion and Murphy nails a DDT. Dom makes the save on the pin.

Dominik goes after Seth on the floor. Murphy makes the save, but Rollins just yells at him some more. Carrillo takes them both out and rolls Murphy into the ring. Murphy catches Carrillo coming off the top turnbuckle with a knee. He covers and gets the win.

Winners via pinfall: Murphy and Seth Rollins

Murphy delivers a knee strike to Humberto Carrillo. Photo courtesy of

After the bell, Murphy walks away from Rollins, heading up the ramp by himself.

Adam Pearce is on the phone, when he is approached by Brawn Strowman. RAW Underground isn’t happening, but Brawn wants a match. Pearce tells him he can’t give him an official match since he isn’t a RAW superstar, but he can give him an exhibition bout. Strowman wants someone to get these hands. Keith Lee volunteers.

Backstage, Seth catches up with Murphy, telling him that he apologizes for nothing. In fact, Rollins wants an apology from Murphy. He has until 10 pm to make that apology or else.

The KO Show

Owens doesn’t want an introduction, because he feels different after coming to face to face with the Fiend. He can still feel the anger, agony and dread. Tonight isn’t about having a nice chat and he tosses the chairs out of the ring. It’s about what happened on Friday with Alexa Bliss and the attack by the Fiend. All he cares about is Bray Wyatt coming to the ring, so they can have a “chat”.

Bray doesn’t come to the ring. He appears from the Firefly Funhouse. He calls Kevin his new friend and breaks into song. Owens isn’t having any of it. He won’t be brainwashed. He wants Bray in the ring so he can beat him up now. Bray doesn’t like bullies and neither does he. As for Alexa; that’s between her and him. Owens doesn’t want to wait, so he going to find Bray. Instead, he gets attacked on the ramp by Aleister Black with a Black Mass kick.

Charly Caruso welcomes WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre to the interview area. Drew cuts her off, answering Orton’s challenge. First though, he will beat up Orton every time he sees him. The answer is yes.

Brawn Strowman vs. Keith Lee – Exhibition Match

The two giants lock up in the middle of the ring. Strowman absorbs and brushes off a shoulder block. A drop kick sends Lee to the floor. Lee stomps the runaway train in Strowman with a well placed kick. Brawn slams Lee into the ring steps. The ref is counting the whole time and counts out both men.

Double Count Out

Keith Lee and Brawn Strowman beat on each other after a double count out. Photo courtesy of

Strowman yells at the referee and takes out his frustration on Lee, driving him through the security barrier. Lee is able to get to his feet and the two fight up the ramp. He slams Brawn into the video board and then tackles him off the stage. Both men crash through a table on the floor.

Bianca Belair is  the EST of WWE.

Drew Gulak is still in the back with his 24/7 title. Truth still think’s it’s Orton, popping out of dumpster. Truth drops Gulak into it follows to make the pin. The ref counts to three.

Winner…and new 24/7 Champion…via pinfall: R Truth

Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin w/MVP vs. Apollo Crews and Ricochet w/ Mustafa Ali

MVP officially announces that they did not get beaten last week. Apollo and crew are talented, which is why he offered them a spot in the Hurt Business. The only reason they lost last week is because of Retribution.  Ali doesn’t buy that as an excuse. Ricochet interrupts. He doesn’t want to keep MVP waiting and it’s a hard pass. He had Crews and Ali worried.

Retribution is no where to be seen in tonight’s match, allowing Lashley to apply the Hurt Lock on Crews, who taps out.

Winners via submission: Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin

Ricochet delivers a kick to Bobby Lashley, but it’s not enough to pick up a win. Photo courtesy of

Murphy approaches Aalyah backstage and apologizes. She tells him he needs to worry about Seth.

Elsewhere, Ali confronts the Hurt Business, alone. He wants MVP to bring the rest of the crew for their match tonight.

It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your disciple is? Seth Rollins heads to the ring, waiting for Murphy to come out and apologize. Murphy joins Seth in the ring, who is ready for that apology. Murphy doesn’t say a word as Seth tries to pry the apology out of him. Rollins loses his temper, grabbing Murphy by the beard and shoving him. Murphy takes down Rollins and the fight spills to the floor. The two throw haymakers at each other fighting all around the ring. Rollins grabs a kendo stick, but Murphy is able to disarm him. He strikes with the kendo stick. Rollins begs for mercy in the middle of the ring as Murphy demands an apology for Aalyah. Seth apologizes as he cowers.

Rollins suckers in Murphy and leaps to attack. He gauges the eyes and then goes to work with the kendo stick. Rollins grabs a chair, only to find Aalyah protecting Murphy. Dominik runs down to join his sister; her mom and dad follow. Rollins walks to the back as the Mysterios leave the ring. Rollins has a sick smile on his face in the back.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (champions) vs. The Riott Squad (challengers) – Women’s Tag Team Title Match

The Riott squad quickly team up on Jax with quick tag. Liv Morgan delivers a chop block, but it’s not enough to get the pin. Nia hangs Ruby Riott in the tree of woe and smashes her in the corner. Baszler wants a tag, and Nia reluctantly gives it. Shayna manipulates the joints, stomping the elbow into the mat. She follows with an arm bar before tosses Ruby to the floor. We go to commercial.

After the break, Liv attempts a sunset flip on Nia, which doesn’t work. Jax delivers a head butt. Shayna tags in and misses a knee in the corner and gets a tag to Ruby. Ruby with a DDT as Liv tags in, hitting a double stomp. She can’t get the pin. Ruby tags in looking for the Riott kick. Shayna locks in the Kirifuda Clutch, as Nia cuts of Morgan. Ruby taps out.

Winners…and still Women’s Tag Team Champions…via submission: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Shayna Baszler softens up Ruby Riott with kicks. Photo courtesy of

The Street Profits are excited to tag with Drew McIntyre, tonight. They want the smoke.

MVP w/Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin vs. Mustafa Ali

MVP slams Ali to the mat and drops a knee into his chest. Ali is whipped off the turnbuckle and MVP drops him with a clothesline. Ali kicks MVP out of the ring. He regroups with the boys and all three men slide into the ring. The lights flicker and the ThunderDome goes dark. Retribution is in the building. They surround the ring. Ali joins with the Hurt Business, only to roll out of the ring and confront Mace and T Bar. Ali turns around, ordering Retribution to attack. They dismantle the Hurt Business.

Ali is joined in the ring by the members of Retribution. It’s safe to say he leading this crew.

No Contest

Randy Orton, Robert Roode and Drew McIntyre vs. Drew McIntyre and the Street Profits

Orton distract McIntyre to start the match, allowing Roode to get the upper hand. Drew fights off Ziggler and Roode and then blocks on RKO from Orton. Montez Ford flies over the top rope to take out Roode. We go to commercial.

After the break, Angelo Dawkins takes down Ziggler with a straight right. Ford tags in, drop kicking Ziggler and Roode. He suplexes Dolph and follows with a standing moonsault. Roode with a spine buster to Ford. Orton tags in and slams Ford into the announce table. Orton taunts Drew and takes a shot at Dawkins on the apron. McIntyre tags in as Ziggler gets the tag.

He takes Roode out on the apron and launches Dolph across the ring. He slams Orton into the turnbuckle and drags him into the ring. Roode and Ziggler make the save. Dawkins makes a blind tag, as Ziggler super kicks McIntyre. Dawkins looks for the spine buster, but Dolph counters with a DDT. Orton tags in, hitting Dawkins with the draping DDT. Orton stalks his prey, but Angelo blocks the RKO and hits the spine buster. Ford tags in, hitting the frog splash. Ziggler and Roode break up the pin. Ford with an enziguri to Roode. McIntyre tags in as Dolph hits Ford with the Zig Zag. Drew delivers the Claymore to Dolph and Roode. Orton hits McIntyre with an RKO and gets the pin.

Winners via pinfall: Randy Orton, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Montez Ford takes flight with the frog splash, but can’t keep Orton down. Photo courtesy of

See you next week in the ThunderDome.


Monday Night RAW 10/5/2020

The ThunderDome at Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida

Another mediocre showing from RAW. We did get the women’s tag team championship match that was bumped off of Clash of Champions, but it wasn’t a great match. Retribution returned this week, but are we supposed to care the Mustafa Ali is leading them? I could watch the Street Profits wrestle every day, though, so check out the main event. And for the second straight week, RAW Underground was MIA. We can only hope that it stays that way.