January 25, 2020 seems like a very long time ago. That was the last time we had a Kaizen Pro Wrestling event at our home base, Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We were well on our way to having the next event planned out, when we, along with everyone else in the business, were sidelined by COVID-19.

Little did we know back then that not only did we have to cancel our next event in April, but we would end up cancelling every event planned for the summer.

We were ready to announce the entire year of 2020 to be put on the shelf, but thanks to some restrictions being lifted in our province, our home venue reached out to us at the end of July and asked if Kaizen Pro Wrestling wanted to hold an event.

We were hesitant at first, not fully understanding how to have an event during these crazy times. But with a lot of research, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of learning, we set out a plan and our first event since last January.

We drafted guidelines and a plan, in accordance with the guidelines set by both Public Health Nova Scotia, as well as Sport Nova Scotia. Every staff member and roster member will receive these guidelines, as well as our attending audience.

By sharing our plan here at SlamWrestling.net, we hope it educates our fans, as well as offering a template for other promotions.

Here is our outline for our gathering restrictions / social distancing rules, our cleaning and hygiene protocols, and our plans for communication:

– Indoor gathering limit with social distancing for events is 50% of the venues capacity up to 200 people maximum. With utilizing the stadium seating at Alderney Landing, we can safely social distance the audience at half capacity. Including the staff of Kaizen Pro Wrestling and Alderney Landing, we still are under the half capacity limit.
– A floor plan has been made, with single line entry and exit of the venue. One door will be ENTER only, with other door EXIT only.
– The merchandise area will be single line only. Once you enter the area, you walk pass the merchandise tables, and then enter the theatre. If you want to do the merchandise area again, you go out the exit door and repeat. There will be protective plexiglass shielding at the tables themselves.
– There will be no intermission in the middle of the event, eliminating large gatherings in the venue.
– All tickets must be pre-purchased. The Alderney Landing Box Office will not be open the evening of the event, eliminating large gatherings at the box office.
– All Kaizen Pro Wrestling roster/staff will be divided into five separate locker rooms, minimizing how many people are in each.
– The current Nova Scotia Sport Guidelines for sports activities state maximum of 50 participants on a “field of play,” with groups of 10 participants who are not social distancing. We will have no more than six persons in the ring at one time, with the majority being three persons only.
– Ushers will be on hand to direct fans directly to their assigned seats.
– Signage and floor markers will be throughout the venue.
– All Kaizen Pro Wrestling roster are from the “Atlantic Bubble.”

– All Alderney Landing and Kaizen Pro Wrestling staff will be wearing masks. As well, all audience members must wear a mask entering, during, and exiting the event.
– Hand sanitizer will be available throughout venue, including entrance/exit doors, merchandise area, locker rooms, and all bathrooms.
– Posters regarding proper hand washing and sanitizing will be posted throughout the venue.
– All Kaizen Pro Wrestling roster will wear masks except when they are performing in the ring.
– The ring will be cleaned before the event, as well, the ropes will be wiped down with sanitizer between each match. The ring announcer microphone will also be cleaned between each use. Also, we added an additional staff member to solely disinfect the venue throughout the event, everything from the handrails to the door knobs.

– These guidelines will be posted on all of our social media, as well as at the event, and inside each locker room for Kaizen Pro Wrestling staff.
– A copy will be given to the Alderney Landing staff.
– These guidelines will be addressed to all staff / roster at the pre-meeting prior to the event.
– All staff / roster of Alderney Landing and Kaizen Pro Wrestling to fill out a Daily Covid Screening Questionnaire.

With these guidelines in place, and with our dedicated staff, we truly believe we have done everything to provide a safe environment for our beloved fans. We hope, as well, that other wrestling companies take some information from our guidelines and put place a plan to begin having events again. We are excited to return September 5th and celebrate our 1st Anniversary as a company.


Dave Boyce (photo at the top, under his mask), Covey Steele, Bradley Nice, and Joshuah Ruckstuhl, Kaizen Pro Wrestling co-owners