A new championship is coming to NJPW but there are a number of twists to it.

The KOPW 2020 title will be introduced and decided during two nights: August 26th in Korakuen Hall and on August 29the at Summer Struggle in Jingu Stadium.

Eight wrestlers will compete for the title and for the first round they are allowed to suggest their own match rules. The rules can be anything from a steel cage match to a street fight. Fans will vote on which match rules they like better for each bout.

The winners of those singles matches will advance to a four way match on August 29 under ‘regular’ four way rules. The winner of that match will be the first KOPW2020 Champion.

The KOPW title will then be defended throughout the year with fans voting on the stipulations each time.

The winner of the last KOPW2020 title match of the year will be presented with the KOPW trophy and the championship will be reset for the next year.