Once a three-time title holder, Mercedez Martinez called herself Femmes Fatales Women’s Champion when she defeated Jordynne Grace at The Summit last August. Now that she has signed with WWE’s NXT that could only mean one thing: a new champion must be named. At Femmes Fatales 23, both Nicole Savoy and Alexia Nicole went face-to-face to prove their dominance, however, it was Nicole who became royalty and crowned as champion.

The Bubblegum Princess, now with a record of 5-0 with the promotion, fought her way to become Femmes Fatales Women’s Champion. This was not a win that was given to her easily. In fact, Martinez challenged one of her fellow female grapplers to win the belt or it would defect back to her.

Nicole Savoy’s music hit and she walked out confidently, championship belt in hand. With a few minutes of mic time, she explained to the booing crowd how she didn’t need this match. That she should already be named top dog. The former SHIMMER champion who has competed all over the world said that she didn’t need to stay for the rest of the show and she would be making her way back home to relax. Femmes Fatales management had already heard enough.

Both Pat Laprade and Michael Bisson entered the ring and told Savoy that she wasn’t going anywhere and that she would have to earn the belt. Savoy snapped back arrogantly throwing Martinez under the bus and explained that she was already better than the Latina Sensation.

“The student has become the teacher,” she said taunting the fans.

Laprade explained she would be featured in the main event and face a popular favorite among Femmes Fatales followers.

The spunky pop music hit and the room roared as Alexia Nicole strutted her way to the squared circle. When she eventually grabbed the mic she wasted no time talking about her shutout record and that Savoy had no idea what she was in for.

Coining WWE’s Paige’s famous line she shouted: “This is my house!”

She dropped the mic forcefully while Savoy slapped her to the ground. There was no question that the match of the evening was going to be filled with many powerbombs, high kicks and flying elbows but no one could have predicted the lengths to which these two women would go to call themselves champ.

As the main event was about to get underway, the self-proclaimed Queen of Suplexes walked out with the belt around her waist once again already under the impression that this fight was going to be a piece of cake. Nicole walked out with a giant pink bubble popping out of her mouth full of determination and poised. As soon as the bell rang, the two grapplers went after each other like they had nothing left to lose.

After many valiant attempts to rip one another to pieces it looked like it could’ve gone either way. There were weapons for each of the ladies as they battered each other with doors and chairs. Suddenly, the ref was down and out after he was mistakenly hit by a metal chair that connected with his face. While he was lying on the mat, the Bubblegum Princess went for the pin on Savoy but there was no count to be called. That’s when the help from backstage intervened.

Veda Scott, Meave O’Farrell and K.C. Spinelli each took their turns coming out to the ring to do their best to help either Savoy or Nicole get the pin. Ultimately, it was Nicole that managed to get her final say when she took Savoy to the ground and pinned her for a three count. The bell didn’t ring before the audience rose to their feet and cheered for Nicole. In complete disbelief she held her head in her hands as she was announced as the new Femmes Fatales Women’s Champion.

Grabbing the title from the ref, Nicole made her way to the top rope and raised the title up with a proud and excited look on her face. For anyone in that room who may not have been a fan on the squared circle before this will certainly turn you into one, not to mention become a follower of a promotion that shines light on some of the most talented females in the business.

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Other results from Femmes Fatales 23:

  • Meave O’Farrell defeats K.C. Spinelli in a singles match
  • Veda Scott defeats Ashley Vox and Nevaeh in a triple threat match
  • Lufisto defeats Priscilla Kelly in a no disqualification match
  • Sally and Cecil Nyx defeat The Girl’s Room (Ava Everett and Davienne)
  • Kimber Lee defeats Ivelisse in a singles match