Tonight at Impact Wrestling Homecoming, Impact World Champion Johnny Impact and Brian Cage face off in the world title main event from The Asylum in Nashville, Tenn. Will there be a new world champion as Impact returns to old stomping grounds? Plus, Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie and all the titles are on the line! All that and more at Impact Wrestling Homecoming!

Video package recaps the history of Impact Wrestling and previews Homecoming.

We are LIVE from The Asylum in Nashville, Tenn. Josh Mathews and Don Callis have the call for this week.

Ultimate X match for the vacant Impact X Division Championship: Ethan Page vs. Jake Crist (w/Dave Crist) vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel

Page clears the ring to start and goes up top. Trey kicks him and joins him up top while Crist and Swann fight outside. Page with a release slam on top of the field outside. Page makes the climb and and gets pulled down by Swann and Trey. Superkicks exchanged by all four and Trey left standing after a neckbreaker on Crist. Page kicked off the top rope and Miguel and Swann fight up top in the corner. Crist joins them, but a double Diamond Cutter misses. Crist crotches them on the top rope and gets the double cutter this time. Page makes the climb, kicks Crist down, and drops down for an elbow drop. Swann with a striking combo on Page and a Lethal Injection lands. Trey with a trip, backflip, and stomp on Swann before he goes up top and makes the climb. Page pendulums him down into a backbreaker. Crist knocks Page off the top and lands a leg drop. Trey sent out to land a hurricanrana on Page. Crist with a tornado DDT. Swann takes out the field with a corkscrew dive. Swann climbs the scaffolding of the Ultimate X and Page and Trey join him. Swann knocked on top of Page and Crist and it leaves Trey on the scaffolding. Moonsault off it lands for Trey. Trey up top and Page meets him. Swann and Crist powerbomb Page as Trey lands double knees. Crist powerslams Trey into the corner. Swann gets caught for a piledriver on the ramp outside by Crist. Crist puts Swann up on the ramp and goes back to the ring to make the climb. Page up in the corner and hits a spear to knock Crist off. Trey and Swann to the ring and Swann with a head kick and hurricanrana off the top. Trey lands one of his own, but Swann lands on his feet and climbs up top in the opposite corner. Trey tries to meet him, but is unable.

Winner and NEW Impact X Division Champion: Rich Swann

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Decent X Division opener with some fun spots.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Brian Cage talks about the sacrifices he made for the world title match against Johnny Impact tonight.

Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan vs. Allie and Su Yung

Grace starts with Allie. Allie tries to forearm Grace, but she blocks it for a diving clothesline that gets a nearfall. Hogan and Yung in and Hogan with a dropkick and corner attacks. Basement dropkick for a nearfall broken by Allie and she goes outside to draw Hogan’s attention. Grace gets outside to confront Allie and Hogan goes up top, but the distraction allows Yung to drop Hogan on the top turnbuckle. Hogan worked on the opponent’s half of the ring. Hogan hit with a lungblower for a nearfall by Allie. Yung and Hogan run into each other in the middle of the ring. Grace and Allie in and Grace in like a house of fire. Yung pulls the second rope down on Grace to send her out. Hogan takes out Allie outside and Yung tries a dive on Grace, but gets hit with a punch. Grace picks her up from the apron for a suplex and Hogan with a crossbody off the apron. Allie fights off Hogan and Grace inside, but Hogan with a swinging fisherman’s buster for a nearfall that is broken by Yung. Grace with a powerbomb on Yung and powerslam on Allie at the same time for a nearfall by Hogan. Allie gets Hogan in a chokehold and Yung mists Grace. Allie with a Codebreaker on Hogan. Allie calls for the bloody glove and gets the Mandible Claw in.

Winners by submission: Allie & Su Yung

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Took a bit to get going, but the two teams picked it up down the stretch for a decent match.

Post-match, Yung and Allie beat Hogan down and the lights go down. The Undead Bridesmaids are brought out with the casket. They take Hogan up the ramp, but Rosemary pops out of the casket and beats down the Bridesmaids. Yung sent into the Bridesmaids and she turns her attention to Allie in the ring. Rosemary goes to pet Allie on the head, but Allie rolls away.

Video package for Moose vs. Eddie Edwards.

Falls Count Anywhere: Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards attacks Moose as he makes his way out and hits a crossbody dive over the top. Moose runs him into the barricade and back inside, but Edwards hits a dropkick to send him back down. Moose catches Edwards on the dive for an apron powerbomb. Moose with another for a nearfall and he sets the steps up outside. Moose makes a bridge with a barricade and the stairs. Powerbomb inside reversed by Edwards for a hurricanrana. Suicide dive bounces Moose against the barricade. Moose and Edwards fight through the crowd and Edwards bounces a beer can off the head of Moose. They fight up the staircase. Moose gets knocked down and Edwards with a crossbody over the railing and onto Moose. Edwards takes a trashcan to Moose. Moose kicks the rope below the belt as Edwards tries to get inside. Edwards knocked off the apron and ran into the ring post. Edwards busted open as Moose tosses chairs into the ring. Moose bites the cut and chops Edwards. Moose up top and Edwards throws chairs off his head. Chairs piled and Edwards hits a superplex onto the chairs. They exchange chops and Moose with a pump kick. Headbutt from Moose and he charges Edwards. Edwards with a back body drop through the barricade wall bridge. Edwards brings the kendo stick inside and hits Moose on the legs with it. Alisha Edwards comes in and holds Eddie back, but takes the kendo stick to the head of Moose. Edwards works him over again and hits a DDT.

Winner by pinfall: Eddie Edwards

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Intense brawl that just got more brutal as it went on. These two have great chemistry.

Video promo from Sami Callihan.

Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan (w/Dave Crist)

Mack with a clothesline and he knocks Crist off the apron. Mack with a hurricanrana and enzuigiri. Flip dive takes out oVe outside. Clothesline knocks Callihan down inside and Mack with a forearm. Mack works Callihan down. Blockbuster neckbreaker lands and Crist gets to the apron for a distraction. Mack lays Callihan out with a punch. Mack slides outside and gets in the face of Crist, who leads him on a chase into a Callihan clothesline. Callihan beats Mack down. Callihan spits on his hand and chops Mack before going to a rear chinlock. Mack fights up for a stunner and lands slaps. Callihan digs his thumbs into the eyes. Head kick from Mack lands and Callihan holds onto the referee. Mack knocks Crist down and lands a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault combo for a nearfall on Callihan. Mack with kicks in the corner. Corner cannonball lands and a stunner blocked by Callihan. Sky High by Mack gets a nearfall. Callihan with a powerbomb off the top and a V-Trigger gets a nearfall. Mack with a pop-up forearm and he lands a Stunner. Callihan gets a toe on the bottom rope for the rope break. Mack goes up top and Callihan has the referee check on him. Crist holds Mack until he gets kicked off and Callihan with a Death Valley Driver off the top. Mack kicks out at one and pumps up. Lariat only gets Callihan a one again. Callihan slaps at Mack. Mack ducks a Callihan lariat, but Callihan gets him the second time around. Piledriver from Callihan.

Winner by pinfall: Sami Callihan

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Hard-hitting brawl throughout, but the finish came a little suddenly for the pace they were going at.

Video promo and video package for Eli Drake vs. Abyss.

Monster’s Ball: Eli Drake vs. Abyss

Drake attacks Abyss from behind. Abyss comes back by knocking Drake down with clotheslines and right hands. Abyss gets the staple gun in the ring and blocks a Drake sunset flip powerbomb to staple his chest. Drake thrown out and Abyss sets up tables outside and they end up fighting into the crowd. Drake with a low blow kick. Drake runs a cart into Abyss, but Abyss knocks Drake over with it. Back to the ring, Drake works Abyss with a garbage can to the head. Drake hits Abyss with the frying pan and Abyss stuck between the ropes. Drake charges at him and Abyss with a belly-to-belly throw through one of the tables outside. Abyss brings out the thumbtacks. Drake elbows away from a chokeslam and tries to throw tacks in the face of Abyss, but Abyss ducks it and the referee gets tacks in his face. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam and the referee can’t call it as he gets medical attention. Abyss picks the referee up and charges Drake in the corner, but runs into a steel chair. Drake with a nearfall. Drake with a chair inside and Abyss gets Janice out. Drake fakes Abyss out with the chair and tries to hit him with Janice, but Abyss gets a Chokeslam on the tacks. Nearfall on Drake and Drake throws tacks in his eyes. Drake tries to zip-tie Abyss, but unable to get it around the arms of Abyss. Drake beats him down with a chair and cracks an ore over the head of Abyss.

Winner by pinfall: Eli Drake

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

Other than the table spot, this was a pretty standard Monster’s Ball and even had some miscues that took the wind out of the sails. Not completely bad, but still left a lot to be desired.

Killer Kross interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell.

Video package for LAX vs. Lucha Bros.

Impact World Tag Team Championships: LAX (c) (w/Konnan) vs. The Lucha Brothers

Fenix starts with Santana and Fenix with a rewind wheelbarrow and Penta with a head kick from the apron. Double superkicks from the Lucha Bros. Fenix with a suicide dive outside on Ortiz. Double stomp Doomsday Device by Lucha Bros gets a nearfall. Fenix crotched up top after Santana sends Penta into the corner. LAX with a springboard crossbody, senton, and a moonsault. Tope con hielo by Ortiz on Fenix outside and a springboard moonsault by Santana lands on Penta outside. Double-team moonsault and leg drop gets a nearfall on Penta. Fenix sends LAX out for a wrecking ball dropkick. Superkicks from Penta on the apron and Penta launches Fenix out of a suicide onto LAX. Penta with a flip dive to take out the field outside. Fenix with a double stomp onto Ortiz into a Codebreaker from Penta for a nearfall. Alley-oop from Santana. Penta hits a Canadian Destroyer on Santana. Both teams down and Penta and Ortiz exchange chops inside. Superkick from Penta. Superkick from Ortiz. Double clotheslines. Fenix and Santana inside exchanging chops. Superkicks take all four down. Penta and Santana inside and a Fear Factor piledriver with a Fenix stomp off the top lands for a nearfall. Penta hit with a Street Sweeper by LAX. Fenix with a springboard dropkick to break the pin. Fenix hit with a rolling cutter, flying codebreaker, and turned inside out.

Winners by pinfall and STILL Impact World Tag Team Champions: LAX

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

This was in full-gear from the beginning and delivered a great match, though only slightly underperforming from what could have been a potential Impact match of the year.

Konnan joins LAX and The Lucha Bros in the ring post-match. Konnan says he was wrong and picks up The Lucha Bros. Konnan says he thought these four wouldn’t be able to separate professional and personal, but he was wrong. Konnan calls

Interview with Gail Kim and video package for Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie.

Impact Knockouts Championship (w/Special Guest Referee Gail Kim): Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Blanchard piefaces and pushes Taya. Blanchard with a takedown. Taya comes back with leg kicks and a hurricanrana. Blanchard hit with a head kick in the corner. Taya works her with kicks and a double stomp. Knee knocks Blanchard outside, but she lands a DDT of sorts on the apron. Dropkick against the barricade by Blanchard. Hammerlock applied and Blanchard with elbows. Inverted DDT gets a nearfall and Blanchard continues to work Taya down. Taya kicks out of the corner and lands clotheslines. German suplex gets Taya a nearfall. Hip attack by Taya in the corner followed by double knees. Taya blocks a hammerlock DDT with a Northern Lights suplex and double stomp for a nearfall. Moonsault misses as Blanchard moves away and Blanchard with a Spear. Nearfall and Blanchard gets in Gail Kim’s face. Blanchard ducks as Taya comes in and launches a forearm, but clips Gail Kim and knocks her down. Buzzsaw DDT lands, but Gail Kim isn’t there to count. Blanchard with the title belt and Gail Kim tries to pull it away, but Taya gets nailed with the title. Blanchard laughs and goes for a cover, but Taya able to kick out. Blanchard shoves Gail Kim and Gail pushes back. Taya rolls Blanchard up for a nearfall. Blanchard with a Codebreaker out of the corner for a nearfall and Blanchard goes full attack on Gail Kim. Gail lands Eat Defeat on Blanchard and Taya lands Road to Valhalla.

Winner by pinfall and NEW Impact Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Not really the fault of the performers here, but this match was overbooked with Gail Kim interference and really made Valkyrie’s crowning moment look bad. The action outside of the referee interference was good, but too many cooks spoiled the broth here.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Impact World Champion Johnny Impact before the main event.

Impact World Championship: Johnny Impact (c) vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage

Impact with forearms, but Cage with a lift and a slam to reset. Impact with superkicks. They exchange strike attempts. Impact avoids Cage on the apron and outside, but Cage with a Northern Lights suplex from the apron back inside. Short-arm clotheslines by Cage in the corner get a nearfall. Impact parkours his way to a head kick from the apron. Split-legged moonsault from Impact and he goes for a cross armbreaker on Cage. Cage dumps him into the corner and Impact goes up top, but Cage sweeps the leg and Impact ricochets off the turnbuckles. Cage with tilt-a-whirl backbreakers for a nearfall. Monkey flips from Cage and a knee lift. Moonsault out of the corner from Impact caught by Cage. Impact kicks out in the corner, but gets hit with a Cheeky Nando’s Kick for a nearfall. Impact fights up and lands a tornado DDT that sends Cage outside. Impact with a cartwheel knee to Cage on the floor. Impact with a knee inside for a nearfall. Cage with a corner clothesline and Impact with a corner dropkick. Discus forearm from Impact and Cage walks through it for a superkick. Release German suplex from Cage gets a nearfall. Impact with Moonlight Drives and he lands a superkick for a nearfall. Impact hits the sliding German suplex. Cage comes back with an F5 for a nearfall. Buckle bomb from Cage, but Weapon X rolled through by Impact. Cage with kicks and knees and a discus lariat for a nearfall.

Impact comes back with a Pele kick and a knee. Starship Pain from Impact connects for a nearfall. Impact takes Cage up top and lands a Spanish Fly off the top. Impact favors his knee, but gets the cover. Cage kicks out before one and lands a trio of powerbombs for a nearfall. Weapon X connects, but Impact able to get a rope break with his foot. Cage takes Impact up top, but Impact hits a superkick to send Cage outside. Two Survivor cast members get involved outside and Cage hits a Drill Claw inside and the referee is too distracted. Nearfall only and Cage looks for a deadlift suplex, but they fall onto each other and Impact gets the cover.

Winner by pinfall and STILL Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

This really didn’t click at all throughout and the Survivor interference plus the botched finish was just a cherry on top.

Post-match, Killer Kross takes out Johnny Impact and powerbombs Taya Valkyrie into the crowd.

Overall, the show was pretty up-and-down and the main events really closed things on a bit of a sour note, with the crowd having peaked for the LAX/Lucha Bros match. A bit disappointing given the higher quality of Impact PPVs lately, this is one where you will want to pick and choose the matches.

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