Life changes are a bit cliché, tied into New Years Resolutions and the like. It seems to be a buzz word instead of a lasting, monumental personal shift. For me, a life-changing shift became possible because of “Diamond” Dallas Page and his DDPY App.

On July 1st, I received a phone call from Page about an interview request I sent him. We talked for quite a while and we really had a wonderful conversation. It turned out that Page and I held many of the same core beliefs. Then he asked me if I would review his DDPY App. Not just a review, but, he wanted me to do his program for 13 weeks and let our SLAM! Wrestling readers know about my progress.

I must admit that I was surprised and a little worried because even though I was a university athlete many decades ago, my body had fallen into the fat range. My waist was more than 38 inches and I have not been able or willing to commit to a workout program for many years. Sure I can make the excuse of family or a back injury but really it came down to my lack of will power.

With Page’s encouragement I started the program and I reported to the readers of SLAM! Wrestling every week about my progress. That commitment and accountability to the readers made the difference for me. I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

I am glad to report that I have exceeded the 13 week goal and am now completing my sixth month of activity with the DDPY App. Before I give you a run down about the application I want to tell you about my success with the program. I lost three and a half inches from my waist and gained some really nice definition in my upper body.

This Christmas my family went to a waterpark and in the past I would have been self-conscious about the state of my body. Instead I was very pleased with how I looked, and never worried about having energy or strength to keep up with my kids.

My favourite of many compliments that I received was from a co-worker who hadn’t seen my over the summer. When he saw me he said, “You look different! You look younger! What are you doing?”

The DDPY App and program are very easy to follow and use. No matter your level of fitness there is an entry level for everybody in this program. The beginner level workouts, which there are many, have sitting and standing exercises. The modifications that Page provides for each movement or exercise makes it possible for anyone to find success.

There are different levels of workouts from beginner to extreme that will challenge you and fit into your schedule. Workout lengths are decided by you. Some workouts are 12, 20, 30, 45 minutes or even an hour. Every fitness level has multiple workouts that are led by Page as well as access to live streamed workouts from DDP’s headquarters in Georgia.

Page always has four people doing the workouts with him. Each person modifies the moves in various ways so the person at home can pick the variation that works for them. The people who work out with Page are not fitness models. They are everyday people of all shapes and sizes who are enthusiastic about the program.

The DDPY App will design a workout program and schedule that fits your fitness level. There is flexibility within the program to fit your life. Let’s say you cannot commit to a 40 minute workout that day, well, the App has other shorter workouts that you could do instead.

Some people might not be accustomed to some of the moves that are often used in DDPY, but do not worry. Page provides tutorials for the moves at all levels. Even if the movements are from sitting in a chair, Page patiently talks you through how to do them effectively.

I found that the physical changes were almost immediate. By the end of the first week I felt stronger and really encouraged to keep going. Another piece of positive reinforcement was the point system that the App has. For every workout you are given points and you can even see where you rank amongst the hundreds of thousands that use the app. I started to do my main workout and then add on shorter workouts in order to move up the ranks.

Each Monday Page posts a “Motivational Monday” video. These messages encourage you to keep going through the hard times, not just of working out, but of life. He paints a wonderful picture about how you can choose to be a success. If you can visualize it, then you can do it.

The App provides you with a section to keep track of your measurements, weight loss and many other pieces of data from your regime. I found that taking measurements really made the progress tangible. It kept me motivated to continue on.

My family liked the recipe area and we tried a few out. The short videos that accompany the recipes were really helpful. We enjoyed the zucchini pizza and made it many times this summer.

I must admit that I am not an Adonis (though a long way from Adorable Adrian now), but the improvements I have seen and felt are great. No longer do I have back pain. My children drop in to my workouts and do parts of them with me. My energy level has increased and I feel good. I look forward to each workout and the changes that will happen over the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

I heartily recommend the DDPY App for anyone interested in getting healthier this year. While I received a complimentary subscription for the purposes of this review, there are different price points available — $29.99 for a month, $39.99 for 3 months, $75.50 for a year (all prices US, alas). Compare it to a gym membership or regular yoga classes when you do the math. You can do it at home too, which is a huge plus in my book, so you don’t feel like someone is judging you because of how you look or how much you can lift.


Caleb Smith really likes the DDPY App, and is looking forward to hearing from others who have tried the DDY App.