The show starts off with Nattie trying to teach Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart how to use an exercise machine. He then puts the Kona Crush on Nattie. The family that trains together ends up on a stupid reality show together, I guess.

Before a show, the Divas meet with some of the WWE Universe who love Nattie, even though she hasn’t been featured on TV recently.

Backstage, Paige’s sketchy boyfriend Kevin is hanging out, but things between the two of them aren’t the same after she cancelled their engagement. Paige basically says she’s the worst girlfriend ever, because she simply doesn’t want to be in a relationship at all. The next day, as Paige heads off to a new city, she doesn’t seem too broken up about not seeing him for a while, though she misses having regular sex. By that, I mean frequency, not, you know, kink level.

Backstage, Brie receives a flower basket from Daniel Bryan that Triple H would dismissively say is taller than Daniel is himself. Bryan got it for her because he misses seeing her, and all the rest of the Divas gush over his sappy romantic gesture. Nikki suggests Brie should buy him a present in return.

Later, the Bellas hear Nattie check into the hotel under the last name Neidhart, and they press her on why she hasn’t changed her name to Wilson after getting married to TJ (Tyson Kidd). She says she’ll think about it, but they see that as meaning she doesn’t want to. A flashback scene would seem to confirm this, as she tells TJ that nobody cares about such things, even though it’s important to him. They bug her about it but she’s not swayed.

Backstage, Rosa plans to meet with WWE suit Mark Carrano to try to get a backstage announcer role while she’s pregnant. She practices her interviewing skills, but she has none. She meets him and pitches him the idea. He says no because of the potential for her to be injured. Because saying that Vince probably thinks that a pregnant woman isn’t aesthetically pleasing for the TV audience would likely result in angry letters.

Paige gets a nasty text from Kevin, telling her that he feels neglected by her, and that he needs space. Alicia sympathizes with her, but she can see his point. Later, Paige goes to visit Alicia at her house, rather than go home to Kevin. She gets jealous of Alicia’s good new rleationship, as opposed to her and Kevin’s sham of a relationship.

At home, Bryan gives Brie some more presents in the form of homemade T-shirts. She says she’s more of a romantic in the bedroom, and they discuss which one of them is the actual “man” in their relationship. He laughs at the lame romantic gestures she’s made in the past.

Backstage at Night of Champions, Rosa’s hanging out, and she remarks that the baby inside of her is still growing and the fact that she’s all surprised about this suggests that somebody should call Childrens’ Aid to take that kid away the minute she has it. She feels irrelevant, so Nikki suggests she pitch the idea of being the social media correspondent for WWE’s TV shows.

At a meeting with Carrano, the topic of Nattie not changing her name is crowbarred in to help forward this week’s plot. Paige suggests that TJ should change his name, since Neidhart is a legendary wrestling name. Titus O’Neil shows up to chime in on the topic, and he agrees.

At the show, Nikki loses the title to Charlotte, after breaking the record for the longest reign. Hilariously, Nikki says that during her reign, she grew as a female wrestler. Let that sink in for a bit. Nikki says she’ll concentrate on healing up her body before trying to win it back again.

Nattie and TJ go out to dinner with Nattie’s parents, and the topic comes up of TJ changing his last name, an idea that the Neidharts support, but TJ is opposed to.

Paige finally goes home to have the most awkward conversation ever with Kevin – the two of them just drive around not talking to each other.

The Bellas are out shopping and Brie mentions that Bryan has agreed to build an addition to the house. Nikki tells Brie about her and John Cena’s date nights, because Brie wants ideas on how to be more romantic. Nikki gives her some advice, but when Brie fails to understand the concept, Nikki says she’ll plan a romantic night for them.

In the car, Nattie and TJ argue about why either one of them should change their last name. Nattie thinks that being more famous as Nattie’s husband may be the reason TJ is so opposed to the idea, as it’s too emasculating.

At home, Brie tells Bryan about the special date she (really, Nikki) has planned for the two of them. The date starts off with them sipping champagne in a limo. Bryan doesn’t seem to be down with the program, noting that the limo is an environmental villain, and hating having to dress up in a suit for dinner. Basically, he prefers their simple life, over what Nikki and Cena do.

Rosa goes backstage to talk with WWE suit Brian Pellegatto and pitches the idea of being the social media correspondent. Pellegatto says that he likes the idea, but has to run it by Carrano first. She tells the Big Show about it, and they joke about their respective bellies.

It’s the night that Nattie will be returning to TV, and she’s naturally pumped. She does a backstage promo with Paige first, and the crowd is excited to see her come back. She has a good match with Naomi, though they don’t show the ending, so presumably she lost?

Backstage, Rosa has her first interview as the social media correspondent. She sucks at first, but eventually gets it right.

After the show, Paige tells Alicia that she doesn’t want to go home because she wants to avoid seeing Kevin and her mom, who is coming to visit, so her mom can’t see how Paige cant’ hold on to a relationship. Alicia says if she wants to make it work, to make it work. She tells Paige to go home and tell Kevin what she feels.

Nattie tells her folks that she’s going to change her last name to Neidhart-Wilson as a compromise. They approve.

At home, Brie has another surprise trip for Bryan, but this time she’s planned it around the things that he likes – so it’s going to be in an electric car that she’s rented. He loves it. They go to a farm and she gives him an ugly koala statue, because that’s his petname for him. Koala, that is, not “ugly koala statue”, because that’s not romantic at all.

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