This week, the girls go on a roller coaster of emotions. Nattie’s happy that TJ’s surgery goes well, but is sad that her plan to stay with him at home could derail her career. Nikki’s joy at Cena’s flip-flop on marriage turns to self-pity because he still doesn’t want to have baby with her. And Paige and Alicia go from being besties to getting testy with one another in the ring. Check out the full recap for all the details.

The Bellas are back from Japan, and Nikki fills Brie in about her discussion with John Cena on last week’s show (where Cena basically no-sold the fact that Dolph Ziggler made a move on Nikki). Brie agrees with Nikki’s view that Cena should have shown more jealousy. Meanwhile, Dolph is creeping around backstage, stealing pictures of Nikki, and Paige busts him.

As all of that’s going on, it’s noted that Nattie isn’t involved in any of that. But she seems fine with it, since she’s focusing on TJ’s injury. This is the week that TJ has to go for his surgery. Nattie’s scared, but puts on a brave face for her hubby.

Paige visits a flu-infected Alicia Fox in her hotel room. Foxy is upset that she may not be able to be part of the big Divas match later that night, because of her illness.

Nikki and John go to a restaurant to celebrate their three-year anniversary. He calls out her flatulence, but overall says that they’re doing okay. Of course, she brings up marriage and kids again, and he says he’s changed his mind about not wanting to ever get married again. But, he says he’s still a no-go for having kids. And he’s afraid that if they get married, she’ll end up regretting it if she feels baby fever at some point in the future.

TJ’s surgery went well, and everyone’s happy – including his tag team partner Cesaro who drops by the hospital to visit him. As TJ heads for some post-op work, Nattie confides in Cesaro that she’s afraid that if she takes time away to stay with TJ during recovery, the company and the WWE Universe will forget about her. He tells her that TJ will understand whatever decision she makes.

The Bellas and Mama Bella go out for wine, and holy cow, the front of Nikki’s dress is missing. This show got much more interesting all of a sudden. Nikki tells them about her conversation with John, and you can see the dollar signs spinning in Mama Bella’s eyes. She says that Nikki should tell John she’ll be okay with not having kids if that means he’ll put a ring on it. Or at least that’s how my cynical mind sees it.

Back at the hospital, Nattie tells TJ that she’s going to stay with him, but he tells her to get back out on the road because that’s what wrestlers do.

Eva Marie is walking around New York with someone that appears to be her mother and an androgynous friend (later identified as her hairdresser). Apparently, Eva Marie borrowed Nikki’s half dress for her talking head segments, so – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – please have more Eva Marie on the show. Eva’s excited because this upcoming NXT show will be her biggest show ever. But then she starts saying she’s in Times Square when she’s clearly not and her stupidity makes me want less of her on the show. But then that dress.

Nattie tells the Bellas that she’s upset that she was asked to sit in the crowd at the upcoming NXT show, because she wants to be part of the Divas Revolution action. Maybe she should have waited a bit to see how badly they fumbled it before she said that, but this is taped, and at the time, the Divas Revolution had the potential to be great. The potential. #InvasionAngle2K16.

Later, Nattie goes to an appearance at some cat festival where she is the third-billed star after Grumpy Cat and some other cat and that has her commenting on how her career is dying a slow death. Hey, try being the person who has to watch and review this show. All the fans bring up the fact that she’s not part of the Revolution, which bums her out even more.

Alicia’s back at top health and is ready to get back in the ring. Meanwhile, Paige is hanging out with some sketchy looking guys, including a biker-looking dude named Butch who she says is her hairdresser, and I can see her going up to Eva Marie all like “My hairdresser can beat up your hairdresser”, and I think that match would be more entertaining than if Paige actually took on Eva Marie. Because Eva Marie.

The Bellas are out making appearances, and on one of them, they end up with Dolph Ziggler. At this event, they’re going to read a book for some kids. They practice reading the book, and in an unsurprising twist, Nikki can’t read. Brie says that Nikki needs a tutor, and that word makes me laugh, especially given Cena’s earlier comments about her flatulence. Dolph is great with the kids, and Nikki notes how good of a father he would be compared to Cena who apparently hates children.

Paige, Alicia, Nattie, and Paige’s scruffy friends go for brunch. Foxy mentions that someone was questioning why Paige needed so many people backstage, so Paige texts that person to clear things up. But Alicia is upset because she doesn’t want the other person to know that she told Paige.

It’s NXT Takeover: Brooklyn night, and before the show, Alicia snubs Paige, since she’s angry about text-gate. Meanwhile, Nattie’s feeling sorry for herself about having to sit this one out, getting into a catty spat with Summer Rae who only rubs it in her face.

Backstage, Nattie complains some more, to anyone within earshot, about not being part of the show – making matters worse, they’ve even told her they don’t need her to be out in the audience to support the Divas during their match. She starts crying, feeling like she’s worthless to the company. Buck up, Nattie – there’ll always be another cat festival.

Nikki and John Cena celebrate his 500th Make-A-Wish at an appearance for a bunch of the kids. Of course, she’s got to make it about herself, thinking that it’s sad that he won’t have a kid with her, despite him being a person kids like.

It’s SummerSlam, and there’s a lot riding on the Divas Revolution 3-team match. During the match, Paige starts sandbagging, making it hard for Alicia to do anything with her. They exchange real blows and heated words during the match because of it. Alicia thinks Paige is doing it because of their earlier disagreement.

After the match, Foxy confronts Paige about it, but Paige says that she was just looking for a breather in the match and that Alicia should have backed off. They separate in angry silence.

Despite their differences, Summer Rae tries to pep up Nattie, saying that of course the WWE Universe won’t forget her if she takes some time off to be with TJ. She compares Nattie’s situation with her absence filming one of those bad WWE films, and says that to many people, her included, Nattie is the leader of the Divas division. Nattie takes this advice in good spirits and thanks Summer with a kiss.

Over dinner, Paige complains to Kevin about Alicia, saying that Alicia has unfollowed her on all of their social media, so it’s evident that the friendship is over.

The Bellas and Nattie go for brunch, and Nikki goes on ad nauseum about Cena and how he’d be a good dad. Nattie suggests that Cena may still change his mind some day, and that encourages Nikki.

The next day, Paige tries to clear the air with Alicia. Alicia tells Paige that she’s upset about the texting thing from the other day. Paige apologizes for doing it. Then Alicia apologizes for being mad and not talking with her about it like a read friend should. They make up and all is well.

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