Last year’s MITB PPV featured two ladder matches: one for the eponymous briefcase, and one for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. The current World Champion, Seth Rollins, cashed in his MITB contract to become the champion so the seven men fighting this year will hope to continue the trend of successful cash-ins.

Tonight’s Money in the Bank PPV comes to us live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH.

MITB – Detailed Show Results


Main Event: Ladder Match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose


One of the great things about the matches that Rollins and Ambrose have is they go a little against wrestling convention. Remember the Lumberjack Match? This one’s a little different because rather than instantly going for the ladders like in the MITB match, these two guys worked each other over for a while

The fight finally spills outside as Rollins slams Ambrose onto the outside and then introduces him (Ambrose) into the steel steps. Ambrose gets up and the two men battle for control over a ladder. Seth tries to whip Dean into the ladder, but Ambrose counters. This allows Seth to jump on the ladder and climb into the ring. Once again, I’ve never seen that move before. The little things. Dean tries to do the same thing but Rollins uses the ladder to smash Ambrose. Seth then tries to hit Ambrose with a diving move but Dean hits him with the ladder as Seth flies through the air.

The ladder finally comes into the ring. Both men battle on the ladder and both pull each other down. Dean moves the ladder to the corner and the two men try to suplex each other onto the ladder. Dean ends up pulling off the move. Rather than going for the title, Dean opens the ladder, climbs to the top and delivers the first Dusty Rhodes tribute move of the match, the Bionic Elbow, from the top of the ladder.

Ambrose now tries to grab the title but Seth decides to take out Dean’s wheels as he grabs a steel chair and goes to work on the Lunatic Fringe’s leg, taunting him and asking how Dean is going to climb the ladder on one leg. The assault on the legs continue as Seth locks Dean up in a ringpost figure four. Rollins then comes back inside the ring and locks in another figure four.

Dusty Rhodes tribute number two happens when Dean fights to reverse the pressure (think Rhodes/Flair), forcing Seth to break the hold, but it’s only momentary. Ambrose is set up in the Tree of Woe, hits Dean with another chair shot and then climbs the ladder. Dean frees himself and on one decent leg push the ladder over. Seth then traps Dean’s leg inside a ladder and hits it with a steel chair.

The fight spills outside. This is the one complain of the match. Dean goes for Dirty Deeds, Seth avoids it and then starts to run off away from the ring. Ambrose seems to have forgotten that Seth just gifted him the title, but rather than climb the ladder, Dean goes after Seth. The fight spills onto the announcer area. It’s now erector set time as a ladder is set up between the announce table and the ring.

The battle continues onto the Spanish announce table. Dean hits Seth with Dirty Deeds on the table. Both men are spent. Seth decides to literally bury Dean by covering him in ladders and chair (no tables or stairs though). Rollins goes for the belt but Dean escapes the burial and both men reach the top of the ladder and grab the title.

The title wasn’t built to hold the combined weight of two grown men so while these men hit each other, the belt, along with both men, falls to the mat. Unfortunately for Dean Ambrose, he loses control of the belt while Rollins holds on tight and is announced the winner.

Winner and STILL WWE Heavyweight Champion…Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 9.5/10


As Seth celebrates, Hunter comes out to raise his hand and congratulate him. Jojo interviews Seth. He simply says “I told ya so!” and says he’s the best the WWE has and the best WWE Heavyweight Champion of all time.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose delivered a hard-fought match.


Preshow Match: R-Truth vs. King Barrett


Truth has lately been killing it on the microphone and while tonight may have been his best, it wasn’t terrible. He said that he should be on Game of Thrones because after beating Barrett tonight, he will be known as “King Wazzup”. Barrett came out in a new regal kind of attire and it is terrible.

As for the actual match, none of the staff had high hopes of this one. Barrett goes for his Bullhammer but Truth avoids it and turns it into a crucifix and gets the victory.

Winner by pinfall…King Wazzup (R-Truth)


Match 1: Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Adrian Neville vs. Shaemus vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Lana) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston


Kofi starts off the match by instantly going for the ladder. Good idea, bad follow through as all seven participants make their early attempts to grab the briefcase. Kofi gets closest but Shaemus stops him. The announce team wonders if Kofi wins if the Freebird Rule will be in effect should Kofi win the match.

Dolph Ziggler has Sheamus in a sleeper hold atop the ladder.

This was a tough match to follow but everyone got their chance to shine, minus Kofi Kingston as all of his high spots involved him on the receiving end of the beating. Remember that awesome RKO Orton hit last MITB against Cesaro? He pulls it off again against Neville. Roman powerbombs both Kofi and Neville on top of a ladder. Dolph hits a Zig-Zag on Sheamus from the top of the ladder. Roman of course looks strong as he spears Orton.

Roman gets up and looks to grab the briefcase. The lights go off and out comes Bray Wyatt. He pushes Roman off the ladder and hits Sister Abigail, eliminating the handsome prince. It’s now between Neville and Sheamus. Neville has his chances, but Sheamus looks like he grabs Neville’s hair and tosses him off the ladder that way. Nobody can stop the Celtic Warrior from this point on.

Winner and the NEW Mr. Money in the Bank: Sheamus

Match Rating: 7/10


Backstage Rene interviews Paige. Paige says this match isn’t about her, she wants to take away the Bellas influence. The Anti-Diva says tonight she will create change and dedicates her match to Dusty Rhodes.


Paige and Nikki Bella struggle on the mat.

Match 2: Divas Championship: Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige


No, there isn’t a typo as Nikki does not have Brie accompany her to the ring. The match itself isn’t terrible, but the ending just isn’t logical. For all the talk of things about to change, this match certainly didn’t help things. We get several backstage shots of all the Divas standing around watching the match on a monitor (with Brie conspicuously absent) but there’s no payoff to it. The NXT Women don’t show up and Nikki wins by using Twin Magic.

The only thing that even slightly salvaged this match was Brie stuffing her sports bra with tissue so there’s somewhat of a reason Paige didn’t notice the switch. Still, Brie was wearing a different top and there was no reason for the ref to restart the match once he noticed the switch. A wasted opportunity to #GiveDivasAChance rather than simply paying lip service to it. Once Brie is discovered, she takes out the tissue and once Nikki hits the Rack Attack for the pinfall, she seamlessly picks up one of the tissues and mocks wiping away a tear.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

Match Rating: 3/10 this will get a higher rating if the NXT Women show up on Raw to show the Divas how this rasslin’ thing is done.

So Dolph is now Aston Kutcher as the WWE Network will have a new show called “Swerved”. Uggh…


Match 3: Intercontinental Championship: Ryback (c) vs. Big Show


Miz is doing commentary for this match. Ryback looks to finish this match off quickly as he goes for a Meat Hook but can’t pull off the Shell Shock. Ryback decides to pick on Miz for a little, which gives Show a chance to recoup. Ryback actually uses an armbar but Show makes it to the ropes. We go back and forth a little before Miz decides to end the match by hitting Big Show and then Miz promptly leaves.

Winner by DQ: Big Show (Ryback retains title)

Match Rating: 2/10


John Cena and Kevin Owens play piggyback.

Match 4: Champion vs. Champion: US Champion John Cena vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens


This match reminded me of going to an Indy show and I mean that in the best possible way. Rollins and Ambrose have their work cut out for them if they want the match of the night because this was awesome. Both men strayed from their usual moves (of course Cena had his 5 moves and AA, STF etc) and were simply amazing. In no particular order of events, Owens steals Cena’s 5 Moves, hits John with a modified Codebreaker and can’t pin him. Cena hits Owens with a Tornado DDT off the 2nd rope, a modified electric chair AND some crazy suplex I don’t know the name for.

Cena of course hits several AA’s but Owens kicks out of them. Cena is getting visibly frustrated and even argues with ref Mike Chioda on the counts. Owens shows off his versatility by going for a Moonsault and a Hurricarana but Cena counters/gets out of the way of both, respectively. Probably the move of the match was Cena going for a Sunset flip, not pulling it off right, but he stayed attached to Owens and was able to pull of the Code Red made famous by TNA wreslter Amazing Red. Crowd loves the move but that only gets a two-count. In the end, Cena simply refuses to lose (what a shocker) and pins Owens after hitting another AA.

Winner by pinfall: John Cena

Match Rating: 10/10


Following the match Cena tells Owens that he definitely belongs here. Nice rub, even in defeat Owens looked like a monster. Cena offers a handshake, Owens accepts but only for the briefest moment as Owens kicks Cena out of the ring and then hits Cena with the powerbomb outside the ring. Owens grabs both titles and laughs maniacally as he walks up the ramp. Cena needs help going backstage. I can only assume we’re getting a rubber match, hopefully at SummerSlam.

Backstage Dean Ambrose talks about the MITB PPV from last year. He correctly points out that if it wasn’t for Kane’s interference, he was going to win the briefcase. Now that Rollins doesn’t have any protection, Ambrose is going to take what’s his.

We finally get a quick tribute to Dusty Rhodes. The commentators briefly talk about their experiences before we get the video package.


The Prime Time Players are the new WWE tag team champs.

Match 5: Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. Prime Time Players


Forgot to mention this in the first match, but Kofi came out with one of the tag titles for his match. Now both Big E Langston and Xavier have the titles on. I’m wondering if they actually have 3 titles or if Kofi simply gave his to his partner. Anyway, Big E takes the microphone and informs the crowd that cheaters should never be allowed to win, especially when they’ve just got off probation. Of course, Buckeye Nation doesn’t like to hear this. I was hoping that E would make some statement about him not needing tattoos, but that might have been a little too much on the nose.

Young starts off by going to town on Woods. Big E gets in and the champs tag in and out as they go to work on Young. New Day gets several two-counts, but Mr. No Days Off is able to weather the storm. He gets Titus for the hot tag and the former Florida Gator does his thing. Big E breaks up one pinfall attempt and Young and Big E take their fight out of the ring. This allows Titus to hit a sitdown powerbomb to capture the straps.

Winners by pinfall and NEW Tag Team Champions: The Prime Time Players

Match Rating: 7/10


Overall Show Rating: 7/10

Matthew Asher is a freelance journalist currently living in Atlanta. He wants to know who the perfect 6 MITB ladder match would be. Email him to your thoughts on the show.