Those who have followed Kevin Steen’s career through the years know to expect the unexpected. During a chat with SLAM! Wrestling announcing his WWE deal, he promised to bring that chaos to NXT and WWE rings.

“I’m pretty unorthodox. I’m not, I’m really not the norm when it comes to WWE superstars,” Steen said. “I like to think of myself as an exception, but I feel like I’ve been an exception my entire career, everywhere I’ve been. At first, some people may consider me a bit of a question mark because they don’t know what to expect from me, but I always, in my opinion anyways, I don’t know if this is a little egotistical of me to think, but I feel like I always exceed expectations and I always make the best of every chance given to me. I think the people that don’t know me should expect a pretty crazy ride.”

Steen held numerous title belts during his 16-year journey on the indie scene, some big, like the Ring of Honor World title, and others for promotions no longer in business.

Up until his WWE deal, he was consider the “King of the Indies” in many ways, someone who personified the hard work and dedication to the unpredictable world of indie wrestling.

“I’m not afraid of change, I’m not afraid of starting from the bottom,” said Steen when asked about the move to Florida and the NXT developmental system. “Like I’ve said, I’ve started from the bottom many times in various places and I always manage to get to the top — which is where I want to be, which is where everybody wants to be. I have confidence in my abilities, I have confidence in what I bring to the table.”

A big part of Steen’s successes through the years stem from his promos and ability to anger — or please — the fans.

“I think it helped me get this opportunity now in NXT and I think it’s going to be a vital part of the success that might come my way in WWE, is the way I talk — not just the way I talk, but what I say and what I make it mean,” he said. “I definitely think it’s going to be a good tool for me.”

He wouldn’t commit to any sort of timeline.

“I’m going to be in NXT as long as I need to be, to develop to the best of my abilities so once I make it on the main roster, or the so-called main roster, to the main shows, that I make everything I do there count. Obviously everybody wants to get there as quickly as possible, and the sooner it comes, the better I suppose. I’m not in a hurry. I want to make what I do in NXT count, and that’s what I’m focusing on now.”

Besides his former tag team partner Sami Zayn (when he was the masked El Generico), Steen is also looking to reconnect with NXT champion Adrian Neville, whom he knew when he was working as PAC.

“I remember meeting him for the first time in England in 2006 and thinking he was incredible. He’s even better now,” Steen said of Neville. “So whenever I get to wrestle him, I known something special is going to happen — of course I’m looking forward to that. But really, I welcome any challenge and I’m just looking forward to being a part of NXT and making it count.”

As for the main roster, neither of the names that Steen wants to work with should be a surprise; one is the top dog and the other is seen as a potential top dog.

Who does he want to work with? “John Cena, because if you’re competing against John Cena, you’re working with the biggest star in the company. Also Bray Wyatt, because I think he’s the most intriguing character in WWE right now, and I bet him and I could do a lot of special things together.”