With over two decades in the business of professional wrestling, TNA’s Bully Ray has done it all. However, even these days, Bully Ray is still a man on a mission and a man with a dream. Though he admittedly marches to the beat of a different drum, Bully wants to give every fan of TNA what he thinks they want. Bully wants to put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table.

A little over a month ago in New York City, Bully Ray did just that. Prior to the special episode of Impact airing, Bully Ray opened up on what it was like to put his boss through a table, TNA’s handling of the moment, and the current atmosphere in the controversial company.

Bully Ray, up close and angry. Photos courtesy TNA Wrestling

Addressing the issue at hand, it came as no surprise that the man called Bully was far from coy about putting the long-time TNA authoritarian through a table. Though Carter may have made a reservation for a table by crossing Bully, Bully was quick to point out that he had none. “If you know the history of myself, Team 3D, or The Dudley Boyz, you should know that we have absolutely no reservations,” Bully said. “So, nope, not one. Not an ounce of a reservation. Was more than happy to do it.”

With the evolving landscape in TNA, for better or worse, the company has been forced to take big chances and make big changes. One of the most notable things changed about the company is the locale of the shows, as two separate sets of TV tapings have taken place in the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Asked about what to expect about the more recent set of shows, Bully had a guarantee of sorts. “You can expect the same level of energy and great wrestling that you got from the first set of tapings,” Bully said. “You can expect to see the same exact thing; TNA wrestlers performing at the highest level.”

In regards to an even bigger show in the company’s hallmark Bound for Glory pay-per-view being taken to Tokyo, Japan, Bully was equally optimistic. “As far as Bound for Glory being in Japan, I was very excited to hear about it. TNA’s biggest pay-per-view going to an area where professional wrestling is probably respected more than any place else, and with me and Devon, Team 3D, being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, doing it in Japan is a great honor for us.”

Bully Ray gets his own table.

The returns of the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and “brother” Devon to TNA creates speculation about the company trying to create a likeness or capitalize off the ECW name, so much so that former ECW owner and current WWE talent Paul Heyman encouraged TNA to lay off the nostalgia. Bully, sticking to his short and sweet nature, addressed the Heyman criticism when asked. “I think Paul Heyman is a very smart man and he’s entitled to his opinion. If you have any questions about nostalgia, you should call him.” Additionally, Bully had a bit of a surprising take when asked about the on-screen comparisons to the atmospheres of TNA and ECW. “I do appreciate where he was coming from, but nothing will ever duplicate the feeling or the rush that it was like to be in a company like ECW,” Bully stated.

At the end of last week’s edition of Impact, a teaser played that advertised the aforementioned tabling of Dixie Carter. Many questioned the decision to air a spoiler of sorts, but Bully Ray saw it as no different from anything else on television today. “When you watch other TV shows, they show what’s coming the following night or the following week. You always want to encourage the most amount of people to watch your product at a given time. So I have no problem with TNA showing highlights of what’s to come next,” he said.

Bully Ray prepares Dixie Carter for a ride through a table — which never happened — on the May 1st edition of Impact.

When it all comes down to it, many will be tuning in to see Bully Ray getting his revenge. Whether that be for himself, for others in TNA, or for the fans of professional wrestling, make no mistake; Bully Ray made no bones about it and putting Carter through a table gave him no anxiety and perhaps gave him an astonishing amount of pride. When Bully was asked about there being a sense of pressure, Bully brought about closure and clarity to the situation.

“Absolutely not. I am a professional. I know exactly what I am doing and putting my boss through a table … actually, putting Dixie Carter through a table was probably the highlight of my TNA career.”