With control of the company on the line between the two, TNA president Dixie Carter and investor MVP have turned the company into their own battleground. Tonight on this year’s edition of TNA Lockdown, MVP leads his team into battle against the Bobby Roode-lead Team Dixie. With wrestling operations control and a minority ownership for Roode on the line, what team will emerge victorious in a Lethal Lockdown? Plus, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus goes in alone without any Carter backing against challenger Samoa Joe in a match that can only be won by submission or knockout! All that and more on this year’s edition of TNA Lockdown!

We are LIVE from Miami, Fla. Mike Tenay and Taz have the call for tonight.

Steel Cage Match One: Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue, Seiya Sanada, & The Great Muta

Chris Sabin starts off with the new TNA X Division Champion Seiya Sanada. The two exchange chain grappling and Sanada gets the advantage before tagging in Yasufumi Nakanoue. Kazarian in with Nakanoue and the Japanese wrestlers still keeping the advantage. Great Muta brought in and he locks in the STF on Kazarian and mists Christopher Daniels. Bad Influence now working the double team on Nakanoue before getting a nearfall.

Chris Sabin in and working Nakanoue into the mat. Corner clothesline and a boot choke from Sabin as they keep Nakanoue isolated. Kazarian in with a springboard leg drop that gets a nearfall. Bad Influence flipping and flying all over the place for another nearfall.

Daniels working the submission on Nakanoue. Nakanoue fighting up to his feet, but the numbers overwhelm him and a triple attack in the corner leads to a triple dropkick for a brief pin. Slam from Kazarian sees him go up top and miss a leg drop.

Sanada and Daniels in and Sanada with elbow after elbow. Hurricanrana on Kazarian and he takes out all three men with dropkicks. TKO cutter from Sanada nearly gets the win on Daniels. The numbers coming into play again as Sabin connects on an enzuigiri and a high-low from Bad Influence gets the nearfall.

The Great Muta spits his green mist at Christopher Daniels.

Muta brought back in and landing dragon screw after dragon screw. Leglock on Daniels working the downed opponent. The triple team keeping Muta down, but a mist to the face of Daniels turns the tide. Shining wizard from Muta lands and Sanada legal. Moonsault from the top connects.

Winners by pinfall: Yasufumi Nakanoue, Seiya Sanada, & The Great Muta

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

TNA Chief of Staff Rockstar Spud makes his way to the ring. Rockstar Spud introduces TNA President Dixie Carter. Carter thanks the crowd for being excited and takes a few shots at LeBron James and his royal nickname. Carter tells the crowd that she will turn the arena upside down and warns MVP that she has forced her to do something he will never see coming. Carter claims to have a bit of insurance in her back pocket. She turns to Jeff Hardy, who she claims is in breach of contract since he left and he is barred from the arena.

Jeremy Borash introduces Velvet Sky and Eric Young as the social media mavens of the night.

Video package recaps the events that lead to Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson.

Prior to his match, Samuel Shaw mounts the cage. Shaw calls for Christy Hemme, who he claims isn’t keeping it professional. Shaw wants Hemme out here or he will “end it all.” Mr. Anderson makes his way out and gives himself his introduction. Anderson remarks that the cage isn’t high enough and tells Shaw to come down so he can beat him up. Then, Anderson will give Shaw a ride anywhere he wants to go to jump from. Anderson starts a “creepy bastard” chant before making his way to the ring.

Escape Only Steel Cage Match Two: Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

Samuel Shaw playing mouse to Mr. Anderson’s cat to start. Anderson gets a clothesline and the feeling out continues. Christy Hemme makes her way down as Anderson beats on Shaw from corner to corner. Mule kick gets Anderson away, but Anderson goes for the Mic Check in the middle of the ring. Elbows from Shaw lead to Anderson changing to a gut wrench suplex. Shaw now in control and taking Anderson out in the corner.

Shaw scaling the cage and he reaches the top, but Anderson is there to cut him off. Shaw with right hands to rock Anderson and he bounces his head off the cage a few times for good measure. Anderson fights his way up and gets there to land a side suplex that puts both men down in the center of the ring.

Shaw pulls Anderson into the cage hard before both men reach their feet. Shaw stands up and sees Hemme. Shaw calls for the cage door to open, but Anderson from behind. The cage door rattled a bit and referee Earl Hebner sent flying to the floor. Mic Check in the center of the ring from Anderson. Anderson going for it one more time and he hits it on the second turnbuckle. Shaw out cold and Anderson making his way out. Anderson out and Hemme cheering by the side of the cage.

Shaw drags Hemme through the camera opening of the cage. Anderson outside and struggling to find the key. Hemme slaps Shaw in the corner and Anderson gets in. Right hand drops Shaw and Hemme taken outside by Anderson. Shaw from behind and he locks in the Kata Gatame arm triangle choke. Anderson put out and Shaw escapes.

Winner by cage escape: Samuel Shaw

Rating: 1.75 out of 5 stars

Team Dixie conferring backstage. Each member still wants part of the ownership Bobby Roode will get should the team win. The team is ready to go out there, despite the disagreements.

Ethan Carter III says he always had a dream to face the best. Carter talks about the career of Kurt Angle and declares himself on the same level as Angle. Carter declares that he “is wrestling” and relays how he took out Angle. Carter declares an open challenge.

Surprise! It’s Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley makes his way out. Ethan Carter III is insistent that Lashley isn’t on the roster. Lashley with a running powerslam and a spear to Carter. Carter escapes the cage as Lashley celebrates his return.

Video package promotes “King of the Night” Kenny King.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Magnus addressing the audience. Magnus was supposed to be interviewed, but he has become used to doing things all by himself. Tonight, he battles Samoa Joe in a Joe’s Rules match. He also battles against the office and MVP. Magnus wants people to know what he will do to Samoa Joe tonight and what Joe will do to himself. Magnus believes Joe doesn’t have it in his head to beat him and Magnus will prove his animal instincts tonight.

Steel Cage Match Three: Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Lockup sees Manik get the arm wrench. Both men exchanging quick holds and strikes before a standoff. German Suplex from Manik sees Tigre Uno flip to his feet. Both men scrambling with some swift flying maneuvers before Uno chops Manik in the corner. Manik able to headstand in the corner and hit a headscissors. Uno pressed up onto the cage and Manik doesn’t know it. Manik gets up, but is sent down and a moonsault from Uno gets a nearfall.

Manik is again rocked and Uno making his way up the cage. Using the cage to catapult himself, Manik hits a dropkick that nearly sends Uno through the cage door. Manik in control and he catches himself between the ropes. Uno spears himself into the cage and Manik gets a side suplex for a nearfall.

Inverted surfboard stretch from Manik stretching Uno. Pinfall breaks the hold and Manik with uppercuts that rock Uno. Uno fighting back with shots, but runs into a dropkick that nearly gets Manik the win. Backbreaker from Manik once again gets a brief nearfall. Arm wrench from Manik sees Uno get up to the top rope and hit a springboard headscissors. Tornado DDT converts and Uno looking to move up the cage. Powerbomb attempt from Uno off the sunset flip doesn’t get it and Manik lands a missile dropkick. Sitout powerbomb gets Manik the nearfall.

Both men grappling for position. Uno grabs the leg and hits a brainbuster from the T-bone position. Uno moves up top and lands a Sabertooth Splash. 450 Splash puts Manik down.

Winner by pinfall: Tigre Uno

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Video package recaps the feud between “Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner.

A good shot of the ring and the BankUnited Center in Miami.

Steel Cage Last Man Standing Match Four: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Gunner

The two brawling out on the ramp. James Storm has his head bounced off the guardrail and the cage door. Both men going back and forth. Storm gets control, but Gunner comes back by ramming the head of Storm into the cage and landing a suplex on the floor. Storm sent into the steel steps in front of the cage door. Gunner taking chairs into the ring, allowing Storm to slam the head of Gunner off the steel steps.

Action moving inside as Gunner takes a section of the steel steps inside. Storm slams the cage door into the head of Gunner.

The match is made official as the cage door closes and both men are inside. Steel chair to the stomach from Storm and he wedges it into the corner. Gunner brawling his way into control and a clothesline connects. Storm comes back with a DDT from the top and asks for the referee’s count.

Storm with the rope from the turnbuckle to choke Gunner. Storm with another turnbuckle rope and he ties the two together to choke Gunner once again. The referee begins his count and Storm again ends it with a catapult in between the ropes. Storm again working the choke and hits a low blow. The referee again begins the count.

Gunner getting a taste of every corner now from Storm. Storm slamming the head of Gunner into the turnbuckle. Gunner now hyped up and landing clotheslines and high knees galore. Gun Rack attempt is elbowed out of by Storm, but Gunner cracks Storm with a sheet of the steel from the steps. Storm makes the count, but Gunner beating on him with right hands. Last Call Superkick is caught, but Storm is able to connect with Closing Time. Gunner tossed into the wedged chair in the corner.

Gunner barely makes the count and Storm continues the brawl. Steel chair to the stomach and across the back of Gunner. Referee’s count gets high, but Gunner is able to fight up and he lands a spear. Modified Death Valley Driver onto the chair puts Storm down. Referee counting and Gunner gets an STO. Up top, Gunner comes down right into a chair to the head.

Using the ropes, Gunner gets up and eats a chair across the back. Storm with two chairs sitting face-to-face. Powerbomb attempt is countered by Gunner. Back elbow from Gunner keeps Storm away, but an uppercut rocks Gunner up top. Both men now up there and slamming each other into the cage. Superplex between two chairs puts Storm down and Gunner slowly rises to his feet before the referee’s count.

Winner: Gunner

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Team MVP preparing for the match tonight. MVP has to calm down The Wolves to make sure they keep to their gameplan. MVP wants the pace controlled tonight, but they are prepared for their match tonight.

Video package recaps the feud between TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne and Gail Kim.

Steel Cage Match Five for the TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa)

Gail Kim tries to make her way out of the cage as soon as the bell rings. Gail Kim taking it to Madison Rayne with brawling offense. Boot choke in the corner from Gail Kim. Back elbow from Rayne connects and she gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Gail Kim now taking a beating from Rayne and she tries to escape the cage as soon as gets sent into the corner. Both ladies climbing up and Rayne with the headscissors. The head of Gail Kim being rammed into the cage. Rayne up top, but she jumps down into a dropkick from Gail Kim that gets a nearfall.

Madison Rayne retained her Knockouts title.

Rayne tossed into the cage and Gail Kim choking Rayne. Facebuster into the mat from Gail Kim gets a nearfall. Rayne fighting back with strikes before having her head rammed back into the mat for another nearfall for Gail Kim.

Escape attempt from Gail Kim fails and Rayne trying to brawl her way back in, but Gail Kim with a corner clothesline. Backbreaker across the knee from Gail Kim connects and now Rayne being stretched across the knee. Repeat of the same process from Gail Kim. Rayne able to kick Gail Kim away, but a running punt from Gail Kim connects. Corner attack from Gail Kim sees her spear herself into the cage and corner. Rayne with forearm shots and a back elbow. Enuzigiri and dropkick convert.

Gail Kim trying to escape the cage as Rayne misses a kick. Both ladies against the cage and on the top rope. Straitjacket choke applied by Gail Kim and it turns into a neckbreaker from the top that gets a nearfall. Gail Kim looking for the door and Rayne is able to drag her back, but Gail Kim sends her into the wall once again. Nearfall once again for Gail Kim.

Using the ropes, Gail Kim scaling the wall. Eat Defeat attempt is shucked off by Rayne, who sends Gail Kim down to rebound off the ropes. Rayne to the corner and a spear connects from up top.

Winner by pinfall and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Samoa Joe details the road between him and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. Joe claims that Magnus has taken the easy way out and chose the wrong road. Joe declares Magnus a paper champion and he promises to collect tonight on the belt that he has been waiting on.

Video package recaps the feud for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between champion Magnus and challenger Samoa Joe.

Submission or Knockout Steel Cage Match Six for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe

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Lockup after Magnus unleashes kicks to the stomach. Side headlock takeover from Magnus and he is working the arm wrench. Samoa Joe with one of his own and headbutts to the wrist. Hammerlock now from Joe. Magnus with a rope break and Joe continuing the brawl. Side headlock reapplied by Magnus before he is taken out by a back elbow. Jabs in the corner from Joe turn into a combo that drops Magnus. Chop across the chest from corner to corner by Joe. Face wash with the boot and a running kick from Joe convert.

On the ropes, Joe continues the striking. Inverted atomic drop followed by a big boot. Back splash misses and Magnus now taking control. Corner work from Magnus wearing down Joe. Jabs from Joe now connecting and work Magnus back. Splash attempt misses and Magnus ducks out. Elbow drop to the back of Joe connects for Magnus, but Joe turns it around by sending Magnus into each wall of the cage.

Pinned between the ropes and the cage, Magnus has his head dribbled off the cage. Splash and an enzuigiri to the back of the neck from Joe. A bloodied Magnus gets rocked with strikes in the corner and Joe even biting. Snapmare followed by a kick and a kneedrop.

The referee checks on Magnus and he does not want to give in this early. Joe misses a splash and a running knee sends Joe into the cage. Magnus sends Joe into the cage and then locks in the figure-four leglock. Joe struggling, but he is able to turn over the hold. The hold is relinquished, but Magnus with a drop toehold into a camel clutch. The submission is broken by Joe and he lands a suplex that has both men down.

Both men up and exchanging strikes. Joe winning with the elbows and sends Magnus into the corner. Kick keeps Joe away, but he lands the inverted atomic drop, big boot, and back splash combo. Magnus comes back with a rake of the eyes, but runs into a powerslam. Cross armbreaker in for Joe and Magnus is able to break the hold by getting his foot on the rope after a struggle. Magnus up top for a Musclebuster, but he is able to kick Joe away. Elbow drop from the top connects and Magnus asking for the count.

Joe fights up and brings it to Magnus before sitting him up top. Magnus fighting, but he gets crotched in the corner. Musclebuster converts in the center of the ring. Coquina Clutch in the middle of the ring.

A hand emerges from under the mat. The hand grabs for Joe and drags him under the ring. Magnus crawling toward the hole, but backs up. Joe emerges from the hole and chokes Magnus up in the corner. Abyss emerges from the hole and cracks Joe with the Janice spiked plank. Black Hole Slam on Joe lays him out. Magnus and Abyss exchange a knowing glance and smile. Rear naked choke now in for Magnus.

Winner by submission and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus

Rating: -1 out of 5 stars

Backstage, Eric Young infuriated with Abyss and Magnus.

Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud discussing plans in her office. Carter sends Spud to go pick someone up. Bobby Roode comes in and asks Carter for her secret and Carter tells Roode to just do his job. Carter tells Roode to go out and win and she has the insurance policy read if needed.

Video package previews Team Dixie and Team MVP.

Lethal Lockdown Match Seven: Team Dixie vs. Team MVP

MVP and Austin Aries are the first two participants in the match. The two face to face and now trading strikes to start. Big boot connects for MVP. Boot in the corner misses and Aries taking advantage. Last Chancery off the bulldog in for Aries. Aries up top, but MVP swats his missile dropkick to land an exploder suplex. MVP off the ropes, but he runs into a spinning strike from Aries. Running dropkick in the corner connects for Aries, but MVP comes back with a big boot. Kneedrop from MVP connects and mounted ground and pound connecting for MVP. Front facelock from MVP sees him counter an Aries submission into headscissors. Aries headstands up to land a dropkick.

Elbow drop from Aries misses and one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Robbie E enters the match. MVP works him into the corner for a clothesline. Aries from behind with a dropkick and now the numbers game coming into play. Both members of Team Dixie with flying attacks. Robbie E and Aries taking turns choking MVP in the corner with boots.

Eddie Edwards comes in and he connects with chops on both Robbie E and Austin Aries. Edwards chopping the chest and taking Robbie E down. Big throw from Edwards on Aries. Zema Ion climbing the cage and Robbie E is tossed into him. Team MVP now in control. Back elbow drops Robbie E and a double team on Aries sends him into the corner hard.

Jessie Godderz now in and he is immediately taken down by MVP. MVP levels Robbie E with a clothesline, but he gets caught by a dropkick from Godderz. With the numbers on their side, Team Dixie now in control. Edwards pressed and dropped down. Double knee to the head of Edwards. Edwards and MVP down in each corner.

Davey Richards is the next in. Richards with punches for both of The BroMans. The injured shoulder hurting Richards, but he sends The BroMans into each other and lands a dropkick. MVP now in on Aries in the corner. Running kick and splash from The Wolves. Drop toehold followed by the elbow drop now from The Wolves before they are taken out by The BroMans. The Wolves turn it around into single leg crabs on The BroMans.

Bobby Roode makes his way out as the final member of Team Dixie. Roode and MVP face to face and Roode taking everyone out. The Wolves both get spinebusters and the shoulder of Richards being worked now by Roode. The BroMans taking out MVP and Eddie Edwards as Aries and Roode take out Richards.

The lights hit as Willow’s video package plays. Willow on top of the cage and he takes out everyone with a dive from the cage. The cage cover being lowered with weapons adorning.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray have a confrontation.

Dixie Carter makes her way out and introduces the special guest referee of the match, Bully Ray. This distraction allows Team Dixie to grab all the weapons and take advantage of the match. Bully Ray brings in a table as Team Dixie continues to decimate Team MVP. Bobby Roode locks in the crossface on Richards and Bully asking if Richards wants to tap.

The hold is broken as Team MVP is able to break out of the front facelocks and get the hold broken. Elbow drop from MVP connects, but he is soon taken out. Aries now sent into the cage by Willow. The Wolves with a cover that gets a nearfall. Eddie Edwards gets Robbie E up in the tree of woe. The Wolves now hitting their stride and put the trash can over the head of Godderz. Godderz laid against Robbie E and coast to coast kicks connect for a Wolves nearfall.

Aries with a Brainbuster on the chair to Richards. Aries with a trash can to Willow and lays him on top of it. 450 splash from Aries misses and he eats the trash can. Twist of Fate on Aries lands and a Swanton from the top with the trash can lid gets a nearfall for Willow.

MVP up for the Roode Bomb as the table is set up. Bully Ray steps in front of Roode and he shoves Bully out of the way. Bully with an STO that sends Roode to the mat. Yakuza Kick plants Roode from MVP.

Winners by pinfall: Team MVP

Rating: 1.75 out of 5 stars

The show closes with Team MVP taunting Dixie Carter at the top of the ramp and Rockstar Spud having to hold Dixie Carter back from going after Bully Ray. Bully Ray puts Bobby Roode through the table with a powerbomb to close the show.

Overall Rating: 1.75 out of 5 stars

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