Since the inception of Kayfabe Commentaries a few years ago, the company has quickly established itself as the leader in professional wrestling shoot interviews by introducing various unique series such as My Side of the Story, Timeline and the YouShoot interview series.

Among their unique concepts presented, the Guest Booker series is by far the most intriguing. Which takes a certain pro wrestling booker, a situation from wrestling history and asks them to re-book their own scenario of what they believe should have happened.

The company’s latest Guest Booker┬árelease is with Bill Eadie, better known as Demolition Ax. While not necessarily renowned as a booker, he is asked to book a breakup of Demolition.

Firstly, as with all the releases in this series, we’re treated to some back story of his time in the business, also detailed is his relatively short background as a wrestling booker.

An hour or so is taken up with detailing Eadie’s background and while this is interesting and in some ways necessary, less time could be taken up on the total run-time for this section because as it is the DVD lasts 90 minutes. Leaving the viewer with only 30 minutes or so for Eadie’s booking scenario.

The time frame of this booking venture is around Demolition’s second heel turn in 1990, Eadie chooses to take the decision that he doesn’t come down with the illness that caused the WWF to bring in Brian Adams as Crush, teaming him with Smash (Barry Darsow).

Crush, however is still a part of Demolition and Eadie’s angle is based around the fact that Mr. Fuji hasn’t been able to recapture the success he had when managing Demolition (after leaving them).

He decides to come back and once again manage the team. But Fuji has a bigger idea, he wants Smash and Crush to team and decides; knowing that Ax is the leader to cause some dissension between all the members of Demolition in order to turn Smash and Crush against Ax in order to get rid of him.

It is made well known by Eadie that during this part of the booking; Fuji has Crush completely under his control. Fuji eventually convinces Smash and Crush to cut him loose. This starts a series of matches between Ax and Crush over the next few months, leading to the eventual contest of Ax against Smash.

Eadie clarifies that as the contest between Ax and Smash builds up and the two are due to clash, both of them are hesitant. With the plan now seemingly backfiring on Fuji and Crush, they decide to take matters into their own hands, by turning on Ax and Smash, attacking them. This in turn causes the original Demolition to reunite and fight against Fuji and Crush on PPV.

While this edition of the Guest Booker series presents an interesting idea there has to be a question of whether this would work, surely the fans, after watching and investing their time in the feud for months would be disappointed if the feud just petered out without ever seeing a confrontation between the two original members.

Eadie, disagrees stating he doesn’t think so, since, even to this day, when you think of Demolition immediate thoughts are of Ax and Smash and that people even forget Crush was a part of the team.

While there are reservations about Eadie’s payoff to the feud, it has to be said that as with all Guest Booker titles they are a welcome addition in any wrestling fans library.