Albany, NY readied itself for an Elimination Chamber match, a treat only the WWE could offer. But when all was said and done, the treat they received was far past their expectations. A new champion was crowned, but the catch is, he wasn’t even a part of the Elimination Chamber.

After a hard-fought title defense by WWE Champion John Cena in the Elimination Chamber, fans began exiting the Pepsi Center. However a familiar guitar rift caught their attention. The Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon made his way onto the stage to announce that another title defense was scheduled for New Year’s Revolution. This time pitting Cena against “Mr. Money in the Bank” Edge.

Edge hit the ring without hesitation and immediately began pounding away on the fallen champion, catching him with a stiff series of forearm shots to the back. After some admonishment from senior official Mike Chioda, Edge backed off the champ and stood poised to deliver a spear.

After connecting, Edge hooked the legs, mustering a close two count. Upset with the count, Edge returned to his feet and set up for the spear once again. As Cena turned around, his title disappeared. Another spear connected and the pinfall was counted, thus beginning the Era of Edge.

Match One – Snitsky vs Chavo Guerrero

This was your typical crowd warmer match. Guerrero has certainly stepped up his game quite a bit. Snitsky has seemingly no direction, I guess his foot fetish and teased love affair with Tyson Tomko have both been long since forgotten. In any case, Guerrero was able to fight his way out of a few scary predicaments before landing a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner via Pinfall – Chavo Guerrero

Match Rating – 5/10


The show began with some hype for the Elimination Chamber match. Now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t the Hell in the Cell just dubbed the “Most Dangerous Structure in WWE History.” I guess views change from show to show.

Match One – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – “The R Rated Superstar” Edge w/ Lita vs “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Edge kicked things off by attacking Flair from behind. As Flair fought back, Lita decided it was the right time to try and get involved. Flair chased her around the ring before getting caught off guard by “The R Rated Superstar.” Flair dispersed some chops here and there, even thumbs to the eyes of wrestling’s hottest couple. With Edge knocked down and Lita back on the ring apron, Flair tossed her into the ring and locked in the Figure Four. Edge gathered his bearings and cracked Flair in the head with his briefcase, busting Flair open and causing the immediate disqualification. After the match Edge lined up and cracked Flair in the face for a second time before leaving.

Winner via DQ and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Match Rating – 5/10

In the backstage area, Todd Grisham stood by with “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle and Daivari. Angle made some less then endearing remarks towards the United States Army and the people of Albany. Angle is desperately trying to draw heat any way he possibly can, the problem for him is it’s just not working.

We shot back to the ring where Flair was being assisted by WWE officials to the back.

Match Two – WWE Women’s Championship Match – Trish Stratus vs Mickie James

This has been quite a … err… “Feud.” I was excited for this match, for various reasons, but mostly for the fact that this would be the first time that Stratus would be wrestling a PPV/TV match against someone new that could actually work a match in quite some time. I mean since Stratus began, she’s had good matches with Victoria, Gail Kim and Lita. Nobody else really stood out. This was a hard-hitting match, with Stratus and James exchanging some vicious forearms and chops. Stratus was able to move the match along fairly well, landing the Stratusphere on James, but an overhead kick was enough to stop her momentum. James reversed Stratusfaction, but was met with a Chick Kick to wrap this one up.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL WWE Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus

Match Rating – 5/10

In the backstage area, Maria was shown interviewing one of the participants in the first ever Bra and Panties Gauntlet match … herself. Gregory Helms walked in and put down Jerry Lawler, flat out stating that he was going to beat “The King” in the middle of the ring. As he walked off, Shelton and Momma Benjamin walked in. Benjamin told his mother that he wasn’t booked, but Momma said she would take care of that.

We then shot over to the WWE Instant Access Center, where Edge and Lita walked in. Edge told her that he couldn’t stick around and told her to answer the questions herself.

Match Three – Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Gregory Helms

The two went back and forth in the early goings, with Lawler getting the better of Helms and striking a Hurricane pose. Helms fired back, choking Lawler, grounding and pounding him. Once the fight spilled to the floor, Helms sent Lawler into the turnbuckle post and tried his hand at commentary. As the fight returned to the ring, Lawler gathered up the energy to get in a couple of jabs, backbody drop the former superhero and drop the fist from the second rope on him for the one-two-three. I guess that’s good-bye to any momentum Helms has built up.

Winner via Pinfall – Jerry “The King” Lawler

Match Rating – 5/10

In the WWE Instant Access area, Trish Stratus and Mickie James walked in, Stratus confronted Lita, but nothing happened. James began congratulating Stratus and sat down to answer questions with her.

In the catering area, Momma Benjamin was looking to get Shelton some lunch, when “The World’s Largest Love Machine” Viscera walked in. He began flirting with Momma Benjamin, but she wanted nothing of it. She told him that nobody talks to her the way he did before grabbing a sandwich from him and walking off.

Match Four – Triple H vs The Big Show

Big Show was basically working with one hand throughout the entire match. Until the cast was eventually ripped apart by Triple H, Show was reduced to using simple chops for offense. Once Triple H ripped apart the cast he began working on the broken hand of Show. Triple H decided to go somewhat high risk at one point and deliver a forearm, but Show caught him and attempted a broken hand chokeslam to no avail as it was reversed, sending the referee into la la land. Triple H went to use a brand new sledgehammer, but Show blocked it and chopped it in half. Triple H brought the fight to the floor, throwing Show into the steel steps and cracking his broken hand with a steel chair. Show came back with a spear to Triple H on the floor, before getting back into the ring. He attempted another chokeslam, but was caught in the face with the metal part of the broken sledgehammer and Pedigreed, giving Triple H the duke.

Winner via Pinfall – Triple H

Match Rating – 6/10 (Good psychology)

We were then sent to Chris Masters lockeroom where he was shown pumping up. Carlito walked in and told Masters that they were the only two who haven’t held world title gold, thus forming an alliance for the Chamber match.

WWE returns to PPV on January 22 with the Royal Rumble.

Back to the ring, Shelton and Momma Benjamin came out. Shelton told Viscera he wanted an apology, while Momma went off on the big man, telling him that her son was going to beat his ass. Shelton began waving her off, but it was too late, as we were sent into…

Match Five – Shelton Benjamin w/ Momma Benjamin vs “The World’s Largest Love Machine” Viscera

First of all, Mamma Benjamin is hilarious. She’s very vocal on the outside and it makes for some good entertainment. Viscera used his pure size, but it was countered by the quickness of Benjamin. At one point Viscera had Benjamin down and decided to splash him, turn him over and smack his rear end before dry humping him, much to the dismay of Momma. All the taunting fired Benjamin up and he began pounding the big man into the ropes. As the ref pulled him off Viscera, Momma Benjamin cracked him in the face with her purse twice, leading to Benjamin landing a spinning kick to the face, ending his losing streak.

Winner via Pinfall – Shelton Benjamin

Match Rating – 6/10

As Shawn Michaels was shown getting ready, Vince McMahon barged into the room and told Michaels good luck, not that he was going to win or anything. Michaels informed McMahon of all the firsts he has accomplished in his career, and that being the first man to enter the Elimination Chamber first and win would be no problem for HBK. McMahon disagreed, but again wished Michaels luck before leaving.

Wrestlemania 22 will take place from Chicago, IL on April 2.

Match Six – Bra and Panties Gauntlet Match

Entrant One – Maria

Entrant Two – Candice Michelle

There was really nothing much to call, just the women rolling around. Michelle drew first blood so to say, taking off Maria’s top. Maria came right back though, taking off the top and the pants of the former and soon to be once again, Playboy Playmate.

Elimination One – Candice Michelle

Entrant Three – Torrie Wilson

Maria went right to work, pulling off Torrie’s top. The infamous roll over the referee spot was done. Wilson took two swipes at the ref, but both her hands were caught, Maria came from behind and pulled down the pants, eliminating Wilson from the match.

Elimination Two – Torrie Wilson

Entrant Four – Victoria

Victoria wasted no time, taking Maria’s pants off and awaiting the final competitor. However, the unexpected occurred and the match was put on pause as The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young made their way to the ring. Young stripped, but was jumped by Victoria. The two Diva legends fought back and ripped off the shirt and nearly the entire bra of Victoria. Moolah and Young left as the final entrant entered the ring with a distinct advantage.

Elimination Three – Maria

Entrant Five – Ashley

Ashley rolled underneath and tripped up Victoria, ripping off her shorts and winning the match. During her celebration, Ashley stripped down to her bra and panties, much to the delight of the crowd.

Winner – Ashley

Match Rating – 5/10 (Because of Moolah and Mae)

At the WWE Instant Access Center Shelton and Momma Benjamin were shown celebrating. Momma gave Shelton a big hug as he looked kind of surprised/shocked.

Match Seven – Elimination Chamber WWE Championship Match

Entrant One – “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

Entrant Two – John Cena

The crowd was definitely against Cena in this one, booing him unmercifully. The two men got in very little technical wrestling, obviously not Cena’s forte. The two men exchanged the momentum, with Cena sending HBK on top off the turnbuckles, kicking him until he fell into a straddling position on the top rope.

Entrant Three – Carlito

When the spotlight stopped on him, he promptly spit the apple he was chewing on the glass. He immediately jumped Cena and Michaels, getting a loud pop from the crowd. With Michaels on the steel, Carlito attempted and landed a senton splash that got the crowd on their feet. Michaels and Cena saw the momentum shifting balance and came back with a double flapjack of their own.

Entrant Four – Kurt Angle

Angle began a suplexing machine, sending the other three combatants all over the place. Angle sent HBK and Carlito to the steel and went to work on Cena. He shifted focus and catapulted HBK into the chain, busting him open. With Cena and HBK down and out, Angle locked in the Angle Lock on Carlito, only for it to be broken up by Entrant Five.

Entrant Five – “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters

Masters broke up the Angle Lock, but fell into one of his own. As Cena charged in, he was also caught in the Angle Lock, this time HBK broke things up with Sweet Chin Music for the first elimination of the match.

Elimination One via Pinfall – Kurt Angle

Carlito rebounded and sent Michaels back into the steel.

Entrant Six – Kane

Kane went nuts on his opposition, taking out Masters and Carlito and chokeslamming Michaels and Cena. Carlito and Masters came back with some double teaming efforts, followed by a double cover that eliminated the big man from the match.

Elimination Two via Pinfall – Kane

Michaels came out of nowhere with some atomic drops, sending the heels out of the ring. Big elbow drop on Cena. Carlito and Masters were able to get back into the ring though, ending up with Carlito hitting his version of the Roll of the Dice for the pinfall.

Elimination Three via Pinfall – “The Hearbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

Cena popped back up and went to town on Masters and Carlito, hitting his spinning slam and a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Carlito. While Cena was preoccupied, Masters attacked, sending Cena into the steel and busting him open. After a double suplex, Cena was easy pickings for the Masterlock. While The Masterlock was in place, Carlito went around and low blowed Masters, rolling him up for the elimination.

Elimination Four via Pinfall – “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters

As Carlito celebrated, he was rolled up and pinned.

Elimination Five via Pinfall – Carlito

Winner and STILL WWE Champion – John Cena

Match Rating – 6/10

Vince McMahon came out and announced…

Match Eight – WWE Championship Match – John Cena vs Edge w/ Lita

Winner via Pinfall and NEW WWE Champion – Edge

Match Rating – 3/10 (It was a basic squash).

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