With the heightened interest in wrestling reunions over the past year or so, it wasn’t surprising that another one is coming in September. However, this one will be unique from all the others, as this one is on Long Island, not in the more common New Jersey.

K and S Wrestlefest 2005 is on September 24, 2005 at the Hilton Hotel in Melville, NY.

“Long Island is an untapped market, and the fans there deserve a convention of this magnitude,” said Ken Pulvidente of K and S Productions. (The “K” is for Ken Pulvidente, who owns a pet store, and the “S” is for Steve Muraglio, who is a security guard.)

As has been well documented, conventions have flooded New Jersey over the past few years, while Long Island has had little to no “Convention action” in quite some time. “We hope everyone takes advantage of this and comes on out. Were really excited, as this is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Despite the promoting and other odds and ends that are unenviable tasks, booking talent that people will be interested is quite possibly the biggest task of them all. There are so many Legends that you can see on almost a weekly basis at an Independent Wrestling show, while there are also legends whose prices are not feasable for the average promoter. The booking process takes a lot of time and a lot of negotiating, but the K and S drive to succeed has left them with a star-studded roster, with more big names to be announced.

The current line-up consists of Jerry “The King” Lawler, Terry Funk, The Original Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey), Dustin Rhodes, Magnum TA, “The Living Legend” Larry Zybysko, Missy Hyatt and “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas. All the guests are excited about the opportunity to interact with the New York fans, and predict great things for the event.

“From what I have heard, I think this is going to be a huge success. Something like this hasn’t been done in New York, and I am going to enjoy it,” Terry Funk told SLAM! Wrestling. Funk, who is one of the main guests, hasn’t made a trip to Long Island in a great deal of time, and should help to draw a few extra fans to the function.

Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes is also eager to participate in the convention. “I have been out of the loop for some time, the wrestling business is my heart, my life and my soul, and I am really looking forward to this convention,” he said.

Tony Atlas who hasn’t made many appearances as of late is also anticipating his opportunity to meet and greet the fans. “I am really looking forward to meeting the fans. I haven’t been to Long Island in a long time, so it will be nice to see the fans there.”

K and S Wrestlefest 2005 will have the Autograph Sessions, Q & A Sessions and vendors (including “The King of Old School” Steve Corino). For an entire schedule as well as ticket and vendor prices, please visit, www.kandswrestlefest.com.