CARTERET, NJ — On a breezy fall morning, the legends came out in full force, as did the fans, who anxiously stood in line at the Holiday Inn, waiting for their opportunity to speak with their heroes.

Wrestling Reunion II featured Mike Rotunda, Barry Windham, Mr. Fuji, The Barbarian, Hillbilly Jim, Baron Von Raschke, The Warlord, The Mountie Jacques Rougeau, Haku, Baby Doll, Terry Taylor and Hillbilly Cousin Luke.

Promoter Thomas Rivera, along with co-promoters Richard Flaum and Adam Todd, ran another successful show in Carteret, NJ. The first Wrestling Reunion saw the likes of Vader, Mike Awesome, Don Muraco and others, along with over 700 fans. The second event drew even bigger and was run smoothly. Fans waited in one line and each had a fair amount of time to spend talking with each legend while they got their items signed.

Vendors lined the walls, offering figures, videos, magazines and pictures of some of the wrestlers who were in attendance. Fans were able to walk around and gather information on some upcoming JAPW and ROH events that would be taking place in the New Jersey area.

Wrestlers were able to share fond memories as the day progressed. “It’s a great event, a lot of great fans that I haven’t seen for a long time,” Baron Von Raschke told SLAM! Wrestling. Raschke flashed the Claw at the crowd every time it got a little rowdy. The first session was packed to the max and ran thirty minutes over time, just to make sure every fan got what they wanted.

Session two in the afternoon was even larger. “It’s a lot of fun to be here and we got a great turn out,” Hillbilly Jim said.

Memories were floating about, laughs were shared, and all the wrestlers were in agreement that it was a tremendous gathering. “It’s been a really good time and I’m happy and grateful to be here,” Terry Taylor said.

Barry Windham also offered his thoughts on the Reunion. “I’m very proud to be a part of this, one of the best (Reunions) I’ve been to.”

The fans and wrestlers alike were all respectful and everyone was treated with the utmost respect. “It’s really great to be here. I’ve enjoyed the day,” Mike Rotundo said.

The day was rounded out with a Q&A session featuring all the superstars. Fans were given the opportunity to ask the hard hitting questions and in return they received some hard hitting answers. Baby Doll was asked about her ex-husband Sam Houston and Terry Taylor was asked to explain the anti-TNA sentiments on the ‘Net and his heat with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (for which he apologized). Some emotional moments included, the Q&A session was one of the more in-depth ones you’ll come across. The promoters plan to have the session available for sale by the time of the next reunion.