TSN’s censorship has been a hot topic for Canadian wrestling fans over the past few weeks.

On RAW Monday night, the Godfather vs Stephen Regal pre-match confrontation was severely chopped in both the early and late editions.

WWF Canada President Carl Demarco responded to the criticisms on Tuesday.

“TSN wants to carry it live,” said Demarco. “The problem is they’re concerned with certain parts of the show that may offend some viewers. And they’re taking precautions to protect those viewers that may take offence to what’s in the show.”

The editing will obviously be much easier for TSN every second week, with a pre-taped RAW.

“The standards are different in Canada,” he said. “They’re just being cautious, not to offend anybody. They’re just protecting themselves.”

In his Q&A with SLAM! Wrestling last week, Tiger Ali Singh agreed that the censorship is off-base.

“Well, I think personally that’s kind of insulting the fans’ intelligence, kind of like what NBC did [with The Secrets of Pro Wrestling],” said Tiger Ali Singh. “We’re not kids, especially if they’re playing it at late hours like they are doing. I think we’re living in a democratic society and don’t dictate what we should watch and what we shouldn’t be watching. But I do fully appreciate the TSN censorship when it comes to playing it in the afternoons or during the early morning hours where the kids have access to a television.”

Also during the conversation, Demarco admitted that there are ongoing talks with both CTV SportsNet and TSN over which station will carry Sunday Night Heat.

“Stay tuned,” said the WWF Canada President. “It’s whoever is going to give us the best offer.”