It’s called the old bait and switch. Offering something to entice and then substituting something else of lesser value. Promoted for weeks on Monday Night Raw, the wild 8-man No Way Out (a disguised jab at the WCW’s NWO) tag match was minus one of its key players: World Wrestling Federation champion: Shawn (Boy Toy) Michaels. Reportedly his back injured in a previous pay-per-view match against The Undertaker, HBK had the energy to yuck it up on Monday nights but not enough it seems to make an appearance in the Compaq Center arena in Houston, Texas, for tonight’s event.

I guess that’s one of those “card subject to change” thingys, eh?

Throughout the show, the WWF alluded to a “mystery partner” taking Michaels slot on the team of The New Age Outlaws (Badass Billy Gunn and Road Dog Jesse Jaames) and Hunter-Hearst Helmsley versus Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. Would we be seeing someone new? Did Sycho Sid and the WWF patch up their differences? Had the fed pulled a coup swiping WCW talent? Nope. Nope and Nope. Mid-carder and Los Boriques leader Savio Vega wasn’t what most fans had in mind (voicing their opinion by booing up a storm), yet there he was thrown into the mix.

Not that it mattered to the approximately 16,000 in attendance. They came to show support and appreciation for their hometown favorite, the WWF’s bad ass lone wolf: (Stone Cold) Steve Austin. The last member of the teams to enter the ring, Austin handed out a wake-up call to every member of the baddies team with trash can lids to the head. The D-Generation X-out-to-injure-Austin-before-WrestleMania storyline came into focus as Austin used a mop handle to choke HBK’s pal Triple H on the floor and crotched him with an electrical cord. Back inside, Cactus Jack Irish whipped Road Dog off the ropes. Owen caught Jaames arm dragging him into a table. Road Dog recovered enough to power bomb Funk on two upright chairs.

After brawling for just under seven minutes, the no disqualification tag match began as each team returned to their opposing corners. A dazed Funk was pulverized for a better portion of the match cut off time and time again from tagging out. Funk hot tagged Cactus seizing both Outlaws in a double Mandible Claw. A low blow from Triple H finally breaking the hold. Wearing protective gloves, Savio Vega brought in a nasty coil of barbed wire wrapping it around Jack’s body as Triple H laid in the chair shots to the hard core legend.

Jack escaped from No Man’s Land when he dodged a Gunn chair shot which took out Road Dog. Austin hot tagged at seventeen minutes in brought the crowd to their feet letting loose an enormous pop. Austin took on all comers emptying the ring before Stone Cold Stunning Road Dog for the three count.

Chyna confronted Austin in the middle of the squared circle giving him the bad mouth for hurting Triple H. She shoved Austin twice. He smirked and was about to exit the ring until she gave him a double middle-finger salute. Austin slipped back in laying the Stunner on her generating an atomic bomb pop.

The next WWF pay-per-view is WrestleMania 14 on March 29th.

WWF In Your House : No Way Out results

Marc Mero / Goldust Vs The Head Bangers

: Goldust (decked out as rocker Marilyn Manson) drops Thrasher on the steel step busting his skull open.
: Sable and Luna Vachon lunge at each other causing a distraction.
Thrasher rolls out and Mosh in. Mosh inside cradles Mero for the win.
: An irate Sable shoves Mero to the ground following the victory. Mero stalks off infuriated.

Winners: The Head Bangers at 13 minutes and 27 seconds.

Pantera (challenger) Vs Taka Michinoku (champion) (WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match)

: Brian Christopher, the other half of the WWFis Light Heavyweight division, is a surprise guest commentator uttering some racial remarks against Michinoku.
: Christopher calls Taka…”Michi-no-clue”.
: Michinoku lands the Driver to hold onto the title.
: Lawler and Christopher try to surround Taka. He body press them on the floor leaving through the crowd.

Winner: …and still WWF Light Heavyweight champion…Taka Michinoku at 10 minutes and nine seconds.

The Quebecers Vs The Godwinns

: Cudos to Jacques Rougeau for mentioning the Canadian Olympic team.
: Referring to U.S. President Bill Clinton, Lawler says…”Where’s Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him, eh?”
: Quebecer Oulette is hit by H.O.G.’s outside clothesline to the back of the head. P.I.G. gets the pin.
: The Godwinns clobber The Quebecers with their slop buckets.

Winners: The Godwinns at 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

Jeff Jarrett (champion) Vs Bradshaw (challenger) (NWA North American Title Match)

: Bradshaw brings a bull rope to the ring. The NWA family takes a hike.
: The rest of the NWA are tossed by the ref except for Jim Cornette.
: The tennis racket comes into play as Cornette chokes and beats Bradshaw.
: A shot to his vulnerable knee downs Bradshaw.
: Bradshaw pulls Cornette in slamming him. Jarrett hits Bradshaw with the racket and is disqualified.
: The NWA gang punks Bradshaw who is saved by The Road Warriors.

Winner: Bradshaw by disqualification at 8 minutes and 33 seconds

The Nation Of Domination Vs Ken Shamrock / Ahmed Johnson / D.O.A.

: Shamrocks wraps Maivia in the Ankle Lock. Maivia taps out. Faarooq and Maivia argue some more.

Winners: Ken Shamrock / Ahmed Johnson / D.O.A. at 13 minutes and 44 seconds.

Vader Vs Kane

: Kane gets up from a top rope Vadersault and a Vader Power Bomb.
: A chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver put Vaderis shoulders to the canvass for the 1-2-3.
: Kane wacks Vader with a wrench from under the ring. Vader is carted off on a stretcher. Vader is now free to have that real-life eye surgery he’s been needing.

Winner: Kane at 10 minutes and 57 seconds.

Triple H / The New Age Outlaws / Savio Vega Vs (Stone Cold) Steve Austin / Owen Hart / Terry Funk / Cactus Jack (No Disqualification Match)

Winners: Steve Austin / Owen Hart / Terry Funk / Cactus Jack at 17 minutes and 37 seconds .

Total event time: 2 hours and 42 minutes.