Bret Hart’s departure from the WWF is only the first of many, says Tiger Ali Singh.

Singh, in Toronto to promote the WWF show at SkyDome Friday night, was candid in his opinion on Hart.

“It’s very disheartening. He’s not only been a mentor, but I’ve been a great admirer of him since I was a kid. And if he leaves, you’re going to see a whole bunch of other people leaving. And you can quote me on that. And I’m not going to mention any names but WCW has been approaching a lot of people”

The future of Owen Hart and the British Bulldog immediately spring to mind, while Jim Neidhart will likely find himself out of the business again.

“Being a fellow Canadian, emotionally I was very attached to the man,” Singh continued. “I was a great follow of him. It’s going to be a big loss for the WWF. He basically in a nutshell represents Canada in the WWF.”

When asked if he had been approached by WCW, Singh replied: “That depends. Is the WWF going to be reading this?”

Singh was also recently dropped from the line-up of the Survivor Series. He had been slated to be a part of Team Canada (Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Singh and newcomer Glenn Kulka) against Team USA (Vader, Marc Mero, Goldust and another partner — originally The Patriot). Instead of Singh & Kulka, the WWF has inserted Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon.

But Singh was far more annoyed about the lack of promotion for his homecoming to Toronto.

“It’s my hometown and I really wanted a big promotion, being the only Torontonian right now in the WWF. And I think that they let not only me down, but the fans of Toronto by not doing that … Facts are facts. I haven’t been promoted enough over here and it’s disheartening.”